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Poems About: CAT

In this page, poems on / about “cat” are listed.

  • 229.
    Darkly...As Thru A Cat's Eyes

    If you could see what it tis, that cats can see
    It would amaze, perplex and astound you

    For they can see, most easily read more »

    David Whalen
  • 230.
    The Conscientious Deacon

    Black cats, grey cats, green cats miau—
    Chasing the deacon who stole the cow. read more »

    Vachel Lindsay
  • 231.

    Cat pounce!
    Bird scream!
    Daughter comes runnin',
    Cries 'Daddy, Daddy read more »

    Rob Clarke
  • 232.
    These Vase Rolled Back

    The Vases were rolled back
    my wife wake up
    “Who rolled back these flower vases? read more »

    Prasetya Utama
  • 233.
    The Cat

    Evening’s begun,
    That peaceful time of day
    When it is just you and I,
    And the cat. read more »

    Cathy Jackson
  • 234.
    Machiavelli's Pussycat

    My cat sang a song to the bird at the glass
    Expressed his desire of making minds meet
    My cat made a promise of making time pass
    With most sincere cluckings and warblings discreet read more »

    Andrew Apel
  • 235.
    Cats got my Tongue

    I want to talk
    but ramble on and on
    I can't talk at all, cause
    The Cats got my tongue read more »

    David Darbyshire
  • 236.
    Tasi - My Cat

    It brought us so much joy
    Was very hairy and was like a toy,
    Cute, chubby and a little fat
    Its name was tasi, it was my cat. read more »

    Vikram G. Aarella
  • 237.
    Sugar And Spice And Fourteen Blind Mice

    Sugar and Spice and fourteen blind mice
    sat in a room way up in the barn.
    the name of the cat was Sugar and Spice
    fourteen blind mice, they were spinning a yarn. read more »

    Herbert Nehrlich
  • 238.
    Bus Poem #4

    A bird drops from the sky, hops to a new twig.
    From the ground a cat spies him, falls in love.
    Birdie strops his beak on a branch.
    Cat pretends not to notice. read more »

    robert dickerson
  • 239.
    The Dog And The Cat

    The dog and the cat,
    Had a little spat.
    The cat clawed the dog,
    And the dog squealed like a...pig. read more »

    Juan Olivarez
  • 240.
    The Spinster's Cat

    The spinster she was worried
    Her cat had gone astray
    As through the fields she hurried
    In the pleasant month of May. read more »

    Francis Duggan
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