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Poems About: CHANGE

In this page, poems on / about “change” are listed.

  • 109.
    I know I can not stop anything

    I know I can not stop anything
    I know I can not save anything
    I know if night is here day must come
    And it is inevitable. read more »

    gajanan mishra
  • 110.
    Winds of Change...

    I sat across the street gazing at time,
    Only to witness a grand robbery yet not a crime,
    I asked time a question and it did mime,
    In it's wondrous gestures which do claim, read more »

    Deepak Calyampoondi
  • 111.


    In the wind of change read more »

  • 112.
    Everything Changes

    The flowers
    The hours
    The seasons
    The reasons read more »

    Hebert Logerie
  • 113.
    Change Here I Am

    Change Here I Am

    Forever changed am I,
    Forever and Ever! read more »

    Brad Combs
  • 114.

    From a frail pen flows this trickle of thoughts,
    Not to be heard but seen,
    But what can be seen of change,
    For we ourselves are the ones who change, read more »

    Praveen Thach
  • 115.
    Here again

    Here I am again
    Same place, I left so many years ago
    A place I didn't want to return
    A place I thought I would never see again read more »

    Lizelle 'Leasel' Martins
  • 116.

    Change should not be feared or hated
    Embrace change instead of hiding from it.
    Change is never good or bad until you decide on what it will be.
    Change is what makes us who we are and who we will be. read more »

    Jason Duddington
  • 117.

    Enjoying the walk, with no talk
    the air so crisp, the breeze so light
    the sun so bright
    the leaves are changing, falling in range read more »

    Michael Peterson
  • 118.
    Dont Know

    I dont know what to expect anymore
    people change like a light bulb
    once the light is off
    they change into the night read more »

    Christian Pavik
  • 119.

    change can happen when you get the chance
    change can happen without a passing glance
    change can change everything in your path
    change is the resistance to the things in the past read more »

    brandi reissig
  • 120.
    Nothing Will Change

    Leaves may change from green to gold
    The sky from blue to gray
    A summer afternoon becomes
    A sparkling winter day read more »

    Shelley Caines
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