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  • 73.
    Burr(r) Oak Cemetery aka How Cold is That!

    In the south side outskirts of Chicago,
    Where President, then US Senator, Barack Obama made himself known.
    In Alsip, at the cold-hearted Burr Oak Cemetery, the owners,
    -If you want to know,
    Decided to ‘resell’ the land, not ‘loan’,
    Previous plots,
    -mind you that bodies were entombed,
    -that were owned by others.
    Some where famous,
    such as civil rights icon Emmett Till,
    Blues singers Dinah Washington and Willie Dixon.
    - and some were not
    The plots were the final resting spots,
    For fathers, mothers, sisters and brothers.

    .How cold is that?

    Some bodies where exhumed, some of them were mutilated,
    --and taken to a trash heap.
    Other caskets were crushed to make room for more.
    Headstones were removed,
    --once for the family member’s memories to keep.
    These souls are not resting in peace.
    Come to think of it,
    - Michael Jackson’s is at not at peace but rather at a ‘piece’.
    His body is not buried yet,
    It has been two weeks ago, lest we forget.

    How cold is that?

    Last Tuesday, there was memorial service for Jackson.
    However there was not an open casket.
    Was his body there?
    Doesn’t anyone at the memorial service even care?
    His brain is in a forensic toxicology lab somewhere.
    It’s a pain to die, especially when you are or aren’t famous.
    Where ever it may be,
    Neverland or Burr Oak Cemetery,
    - it’s rather incredulous.
    By the way, where will the brain go?
    Is it possible that they are putting Michael Jackson’s body on ice?
    So to speak, for a few more weeks?
    To make sure that he is all intact when Jehovah summons his body?
    Is there no end to this mayhem, please help somebody!
    As far as the Burr Oak Cemetery situation is concerned;
    “The suspects, all of whom are black, were identified as Carolyn Towns,49,
    Keith Nicks,45, and Terrence Nicks,39 — all of Chicago —
    and Maurice Dailey,61, of Robbins. (Illinois)
    They each have been charged with one count of dismembering a human body,
    -a felony.”

    How cold is that?

    7-10-09 read more »

  • 74.
    .The Mendacity Of Hype

    Blowing in from under Daley's shadow, Cook
    county, liberally
    sponsored by green gas- read more »

  • 75.
    Cotton Candy

    We walked on the bridge over the Chicago River
    for what turned out to be the last time,
    and I ate cotton candy, that sugary air, read more »

  • 76.
    This Moment

    This moment on the road
    St. Louis to Chicago
    on a sunny day, read more »

  • 77.

    Walking through the haze, yet i can barely see,
    i cant find you, and i cant see me,
    you regret the day when i found, the hole in the ground,
    you told me lies, and lead me round and round, read more »

  • 78.
    George Zimmerman, 'Not Guilty' A Travesty Of Justice?

    What happened to Trayvon Martin shouldn’t happen to any 1,
    And yet, this killing is not the worse thing that has been done,
    Weekend before George Zimmerman’s not guilty of any & all,
    51 Black on Black gunshots 40 wounded 11 would fatally fall. read more »

  • 79.
    My Whole Family Is Dysfunctional

    I haven’t spoken to my brother in ten years.
    His brain was slammed in a car accident,
    never got any therapy because dad didn’t believe in it. read more »

  • 80.

    Sing the Chicago
    Sing the Chigago
    Blues read more »

  • 81.

    Strange bird,
    His song remains secret.
    He worked too hard to read books. ... read more »

  • 82.
    Mindless Observations

    The great Chicago Fire
    Happened long before
    Morrison started paying any attention
    To the blood all in the streets of the city read more »

  • 83.
    Feeling Like Mike Hammer

    I feel like Mike Hammer after the third or
    fourth attack by a gunman in one day, I
    feel all fatigued and evil, finding the noise
    in my downtown Chicago just too much; read more »

  • 84.
    My Comments, When I Read An Excellent Poem.

    Verily a poem of this artly expressed talent
    did knock me over...
    I originally hail from Chicago, not Dover.
    I know of art in it's raw, rarest form... read more »

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