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Philip Roth Retires From Active Novel Writing - Poem by alexander opicho

Phillip Roth, the American novelist, film writer and essayist has officially retired from active literary work. Roth who has been writing for the past fifty years, made his decision to retire from active fiction cum prose writing this month September 2014, after he became sure that he was not going to win this year's Nobel Prize for literature. He arrived at his position when the Ladbrokes, an online betting firm for Nobel nominees showed him to be scoring below ten points. The ones currently in the lead are the Kenyan Author Ngugi wa Thiong'o and The Japanese Haruki Murakamani; they have both tied at the score of thirty three points.
Roth who has been entirely writing in English was born in America and has lived in America ever since. He was educated Chicago University where he graduated with masters of Arts degree in literature.He has also taught creative arts at the Iowa writer's workshop for more than thirty years. Taban Lo Liyong is among his students he taught at Iowa University in those days. Roth taught Liyong at post graduate level in the mid of the last century.
Roth is known for liberal works that dared his Jewish people for intellectual and religious open mindedness. Most of his known works are; My Life As a Man (1974) , The Ghost Writer (1979) , Zuckerman Unbound (1981) , The Anatomy Lesson (1983) , and The Prague Orgy (1985) these were published by Zuckerman, others but not all of them are; Goodbye, Columbus (1959) , Letting Go (1962) , When She Was Good (1967) , Portnoy's Complaint (1969) , Our Gang (1971) , The Great American Novel (1973) , Deception: A Novel (1990) , Operation Shylock: A Confession (1993) , Sabbath's Theater (1995) , The Plot Against America (2004) , Everyman (2006) , Indignation (2008) , The Humbling (2009) , and Nemesis (2010) .These were published by Kepesh publishers. The non fictions are; The Facts: A Novelist's Autobiography (1988) , and Patrimony: A True Story (1991) .
Roth was on the peak of his literary life in the 80's of the last century. He competed for fame against other fiction writing heavyweights like; Barbara Cartland, Susan Jacqueline, Harold Robins, Len Dighton, Frederick Forsyth, Robert Ludlum, Jeffrey Archer and Barbara Taylor Bradford to mention but just a few. Those who were active readers during the late parts of the last century can know what it was, as the novel was not only a medium of aesthetics but the main weapon used by cold warriors in the name of capitalism versus communism. Roth was nominated for more than two hundred literary prizes, including the Pulitzer and the Kafka academy awards. Ladbrokes has featured him thrice as the probable candidate for Nobel Prize in literature, in (2013) where he lost to Alice Munro, (2012) where he lost Vergasa Llosa and in (2011) where he lost to the Swedish poet, Transtromer.
Roth was mostly influence by his fellow German-Jewish novelist Frantz Kafka, Roth is also listed by David Yalop on the list of those greats who are freemasons currently known as illuminatis.He has been married twice and he recently celebrated his 80th birth day.

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