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My Son - Poem by Jessica Kelly

Nature over nurture is the debate, I was told… Well, I could not hug my child when he was barely one day old.
Something deep within me cringed with his every breath. I could not be around him. I could not feed him from my chest.
The scars that had haunted me had birthed this child of mine. From my womb he had taunted me knowing that he would share this bloodline.
I looked upon his naive face, upon my guilt ridden features, his malice. How could this child be anything more? My heart began to callous.
From his first breath I hated him, even before that still. I could not look upon him, he made me physically ill.
Why did this have to happen to me? How did I create such an offspring?
The answer’s plain and simple. I didn’t, I never wanted him.
His conception had been an accident. No, a cruel result of the torture I endured.
His father had come upon me, I was not even lured.
He had forcefully taken all that he wanted, and left me with this unwanted child.
Abortion was not an option, but just a glance of him raised my bile.
I placed him up for adoption that afternoon, as soon as I could I dismissed him.
I thought of him every full moon, his face so round and childlike.
But I knew better than to treat him as such, for he had the malevolence of his father in sight.
I would lay awake and remember this child, a piece of me and a piece of him.
Never again did I want to meet that smile, yet on the other side of the country this child was growing grim.
He had the love of a mother, though adopted he may be.
He had the comfort of a family, but this he could not see.
Nothing they gave was good enough for him, for he was alone and he knew better than them.
He would try to track down his birth mother. Though I would surely disappoint him, he would write me a letter.
The voice of his words was pained and I knew it. He wanted to meet me. There was nothing else to it.
What would I tell him? That I had hated him from birth?
How could I say that? That he is of no worth?
I couldn’t, I shouldn’t, he is a burden, a pain. I could never look upon him. All that would bring is shame.
This monster I had created had a thorn in his side.
That left his bestiality wounded, enough for it to subside.
His inhuman flesh had moved to reveal his inmost being.
As my eyes lay upon him I could feel his heart beating
A smile tormented the edges of his lips, though it was nothing of the malice I had never dreamed would dismiss.
His eyes lit up at the sight of mine. He ran towards me, arms lifted, and I realised... So were mine.
This child I had neglected had loved me from the start.
Though through his separation and angst, he never had a change of heart
As he folded me into his bear-like embrace, it was nothing like I had felt of the torment that day.
At forty years old, my son is twenty three. I love him beyond words, his personality he got from me.
He is married and has a child of his own.
His wife adores him, they have a beautiful home.
I am invited for lunches, and dinners, and parties. He holds no grudges. I know that he loves me.
Beyond all odds he had accepted me in. Nature and nature, the best had come out of him.
It was a choice beyond actions that had lead him to his fate. He had decided to be good, not matter the case.
He knows of his father, of my pain, of my hate.
He holds none of this against me, he even wants to meet his father one day.
“A person is a person, no matter what they have done.
You can decide to be different.” I admire my son…

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