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Faster Than Her Years - Poem by Melody Thaila Kuku

She sat still, her eyes fixed ahead At nothing.
The breeze blew a kiss on her Cheek to cheer,
But no, cheer was gone,
Only thoughts she long Suppressed,
Which rose now an army too Strong to defeat.

Gazing into the air, she thought of Wasted childhood,
Of plays she didn't have,
And years of rains that washed Her not.
Memories hit her hard.
She had grown, faster than her Years,
Childhood dreams stolen to the World of adulthood.

The scenes play themselves again.
A long time it was when once,
She lay between life and death.
Then months passed and years.
And she awoke to find the baby Fat all gone,
They had been exchanged with curves.
And two great peaks on the hill of Her chest.

And when time healed,
She toiled to live a life alien to her.
Lessons of maturity were not Learned by her.
So stumble she did and a fool she Was called.
But still she struggled,
And seasons passed with no one To whisper,
The heavy burden the heart bore.

Words of her mouth were to be Spoken like the aged.
Yet, she lived in two worlds,
The world of a child and aged,
Struggling to belong to one.
But each interfered and the aged World was chosen.
And like one in a dream,
She walked the adult's path.

But her tongue slipped with the Sounds of a child,
When she tried to master the World and suppress those Thoughts.
Torture it was, for failure tarried At her doorstep.
And when it's last straw broke,
She knew it was time,
Time to visit the world of her Childhood.
To grieve it's loss, to be a child but Once,
Letting the mind wander to the Happy scenes of those Remembered.

Before the sky as witness, she Made happy blabbering,
Played the kite and hide and seek,
And when it was over, she sat Letting the breeze this time to kiss Her
For now she could cheer.
She had grown faster than her Years,
A child mind imprisoned in the Body of an adult.

But no more,
No more will she struggle to be What not.
But will live free,
For the caged heart was free,
And under the eyes of the moon,
She knew she could walk happy The paths of the aged.
For she had found her childhood.

And though she had grown faster Than her years,
She will live happy, a child in an Adult body.

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