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Save Us From The Children - Poem by Buddy Bee Anthony

Children, what good are they?
They eat free at restaurants or pay a price according to their weight.
I don't get those options,
why should they?
Plus, they are allowed to ride the bus or train without
paying a fare.

Children don't often work for a living
so it's little wonder they hardly ever pick up
the check.

Children don't come at you one at a time
Instead, they blitz you in bunches.
A single child hardly ever gets on a bus.
Invading our common spaces like storm troopers
hoards of them in fun packs of 30.

When one of them loses a tooth,
another one magically grows back in it's place.
They don't have to worry, since they have a spare set.
When I lose a tooth, there's money forthcoming under my pillow.
I must lay down hard cash when I chip or
break a tooth on a jawbreaker or some peanut brittle.

Speaking of candy,
children have co-opted Halloween.
A holiday originating with the Druids to honor the dead with regard to the spirit world. Children haven't earned a holiday in their honor so they've stolen one.

Children get away with being noisy and disruptive
They screech and howl about like monkeys.
At least monkey's live in trees
where we don't have to walk amongst them.
Plus, children stink like stale candy and barbeque sauce.
And, those are the ones whose scent trail is barely tolerable.

I have a special aversion to those special children
dressed up in designer clothing such as Nike 'Air Jordan'
shoes or Hathaway button down shirts.
Nothing's more tragic than a four year old in a three piece suit. 'Smile for the camera Skippy' I can only scarcely imagine the horrors
and humiliation awaiting this unfortunate kid down the road.
Stop dressing youngsters like adults.
Do not dress them for success
because it's a lie and everyone knows it..
Is it any wonder these children get bullied by other kids.

Children haven't achieved anything other than being born and annoying strangers. Standard issue kids clothes should be
tee-shirts blue jeans and Keds, period.

Children are always giggling and talking endlessly about nothing
in desperate hope someone might notice how cute
or insightful their comments are.
But, we don't feel that way because they aren't that cute,
nor wise beyond their years.
Most are crumb crunching novices,
ridiculous little tragedians
who haven't yet lost a job, gotten their hearts broken by a lover, balanced a check book, paid rent, taxes, or
driven a car.
So, kids know very little
thus, they should button it and listen.

I've heard it said, children should be seen but not heard,
but, I don't even want to see children.
Put them on barges or maybe on island compounds where they can sneeze and cough in each other's faces
giggle mindlessly to their hearts delight
at all that's so funny only to them.

Life is often cruel and unforgiving.
Why do children get a free pass?
Because we wouldn't want to upset,
or offend the poor children
It might harm or hamper their social development
by exposing them to things like sex, drugs, violence and such.
If you want them to be shielded from the presence
of stark real life affairs,
then isolate them somewhere away from the general population
so those of us who exist in the real world
don't need to adjust our behaviors to their delicate sensoriums.
Adults shouldn't have to modify behavior patterns to suit kids.
If anything, shouldn't it be the other way around?

I cringe when I hear some
snot nosed twenty something with a big smile walking
boldly up to me on the street with big doe eyes,
asking me to save the children. You might want to answer back to them
when this loathesome experience happens to you,
'why would I want to do that?
I hate children. Let them grow up someplace else
then move back here as adults, who've matured enough
to take care of us.
Mountain Gorilla tastes alot like chicken.

Buddy Bee Anthony

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