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Children Of The Moment - Poem by Albert Ralph

June 30th- July 1st,1983 2: 00 a.m. – 4: 30 a.m.

Children of the moment, everywhere you look,
You see the visions of the world as it once was.
Clouds hide the light,
of the reflection of a star,
As it shone two thousand years ago. Light years away.

Children of the morning, everywhere it’s spring,
And you see new life all around you, as the old life’s passed away.
The leaves of yesteryear have died,
beneath the winter’s snow, now gone,
revealing seeds reborn. The promise lives.

Children of the music, everywhere you turn,
You hear the rhythm of a song that has no end.
Whispered in the wind,
And on the water, voiceless words of love,
Transcending all that is, and is to be.

Time after time, you hear the call,
The gentle beckoning.
But walking in your sleep you disregard.
In you mind, you rationalize,
The mysteries of your heart.
Don’t fall………flights of fantasy.
Don’t fall………the ice is oh so thin.
Don’t fall………the slender thread of time,
That flies more swiftly than you realize.

You must learn to see without your eyes.
Try to see beyond the veil of stars.
Believing in the obvious, yet unseen might.

Children of the fountain, watering the ground.
Children of the mountain, take a look around.
Children of the earth, children of the sky.
Children of the Father can help you realize.
Time…….after time.

Children of the Father, everywhere you go,
You see the tears of those who roam this planet lost.
Standing on the cosmic shore,
They’re staring out to sea,
Awaiting rescue from the stars. ………an S.O.S.
Time after time,
You throw the lifeline, but they turn away.
They feel your end is weighted with a stone.
But ignorance is no defence, it hurts to see them drown.
Don’t cry, because they won’t believe.
Don’t cry, you word contains a seed.
Don’t cry, remember winter’s snows,
That melt, revealing seeds reborn in hope.

You must learn that faith is eyeless sight.
Believing in the obvious yet unseen might.
Perceiving love beyond the veil of starry skies.

Children of the hypocrite, can see the truth in lies.
Children of the infidel, draw sympathetic eyes.
Child of the saint, may grow confused, outside his door.
But in his heart he knows there’s a reward worth waiting for.

Children of the liar, wake yourselves and rise.
Children of the fire, aren’t blinded by you lies.
Children of the ancient will one day dry their tears.
Children of forever need never count the years.

Children of tomorrow may never get the chance,
As spring becomes the fall, to see the seasons as they dance.
Child of the soldier knows that freedom’s bought with pain.
Children of the empire will send them back again, and again.

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