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Poems About: CHILDREN

In this page, poems on / about “children” are listed.

  • 337.
    Children’s Day,2009

    Our children are the gift from God;
    You spoil the child by sparing rod;
    The priceless wealth from Heav’n above,
    That are being aborted now! read more »

    Dr John Celes
  • 338.
    God's Greatest Blessing- Mother

    The greatest God’s bestowed gift on us is mother.
    She who struggles a lot and don’t let pain conquer her children,
    She who resists the pain of her children in her womb for nine big months
    She who holds the whole world if sees her children in pain, read more »

    Nekhel Mohan Sahay
  • 339.

    A child like me love running as can be
    A child like me always happy like you and me.
    A child like you and me loves to be with friends all the time.
    A child like all of us! Encouraging each other without spending a dime. read more »

    sarangee son
  • 340.
    What We Teach Our Children By: Cay Thorne

    If a child sees abuse in any form -
    They will become abusers in any form;
    If a child sees love;
    They become lovers and romantics at heart read more »

    Cay Thorne
  • 341.
    What If It Was Your Child

    I saw a child yesterday sitting on a corner, tears
    streaming down its face, and I stopped to ask
    why and the child replied, “no one likes me,
    they laugh at me and say I lie, but I don’t lie.” read more »

    joy olree
  • 342.
    Little Child

    Little child, fear no more,
    Heaven isn’t far from you.
    Little child rest those eyes,
    Angels will guard those weary nights read more »

    Kate Thompson
  • 343.
    That child in me

    Just like any other child, I never experienced being brought to school by a nanny.
    My family couldn’t provide me one.
    Just like any other child, I never experienced being fetched by a chauffer.
    My father could not afford any. read more »

    Edgar Rendon Eslit
  • 344.
    Parents Vs Children

    Things that i don't understand in this world is that why do some people
    get into relationship, getting married, enjoying life and making love.
    But when it comes to children or when they already have kids, they
    could not accept their responsibilities as parents. They do have read more »

    Judith Kempis
  • 345.
    Child of mine

    Child of Mine

    This child of mine, my ever-loving love, read more »

    AaI Harvey
  • 346.
    I Wondered What Was Next

    So I wondered what was next
    As I said good night
    I wondered what was next
    As I said good night read more »

    Clyde Bryson
  • 347.
    To every child! ! ! *

    To every child who thinks about giving up......
    You may feel unwanted
    You may feel unappreciated read more »

    Becky Ginn
  • 348.
    My Beloved Thoughts ~ Lyric Poetry

    My thoughts which I bear
    They are my own
    Born of my flesh and blood
    From my Holiest place read more »

    Christine A Kysely
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