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I Open My Eyes (This Poem Is To My Family) - Poem by Norine Blankenship

I open my eyes and I am strong
No longer at daddy's knee nor mama's arms
Life is hard, it makes me strong.

Children come with evil eyes of strangers
Yet I stand strong.
Work is hard and life is meager
their little smiles keep me eager.

God came at night and took my love
Sorrow so deep, our eyes bled loss,
our fears ran deep.
I pray out loud, scream his name to the rain
Why Lord can't you hear me as I scream out your name?
Open your eyes OPEN YOUR EYES
My childrens hands in mine and
I stand strong.

To love again I wanted so
They came and gone with vicious blows.
Hearts broken, children angered
Open your eyes
These children keep you anchored.

I opened my eyes and there he stood
At a mere four foot nine his shadow covering mine.
My heart raced as I began to feel it heal.
Why God? What will be different this time?

The strength of his hand in mine,
Gentle embraces, loving, encouraging words
that healed my heart and breathed life into my soul.
For a moment, life is not so hard.

Time is cruel....
The children now grown, my anchors have gone.
A man has taken my baby from my arms
to hold in his own.
A ring now makes her his own.

Grandmas twin angels now bring her hope.
Were has my strength gone
must be this damned war! ! !

I pray out loud, scream his name to the rain
Why can't you hear me Lord as I scream out your name?
Open your eyes he says once agane
Our child is with me safe in the insanity of this land.

A ring and a war my soul feels lost
One pillar stand strong, or so I felt for a moment
now I know it's me and myself and no other.

Years have passed and I open my eyes

My love has has strayed me, my children have grown
my life feels empty
My strength is now gone!

Were has the time gone?
I open my eyes
My true love is gone.
He searches another
my heart wonders whether love was ever truly mine to ponder.
Were there others?

Even my children now save there strength for others.

Once, I stood strong
eager, ambitious
now it has gone.

What now Lord?
Angry words replace the gentle embrace
pages of names without any face
The children now grown our love shall be strong

Jesse and Helen will now hold them strong
Who will hold me when the nights are too long?

I open my eyes and thought I was strong
Love was my pillar and now it has gone! !

My true love Lord, you hold in your arms
You gave me another
My strength and My pillar.
Why then Lord, so easily taken by another?


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