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Poems About: CHOCOLATE

In this page, poems on / about “chocolate” are listed.

  • 301.
    Love: Don't Heartbreak Me

    Where roses and chocolates
    enrich a cold Valentine's Day
    where love is as sweet as the name itself read more »

    Brett Strotman
  • 302.
    Wrong Century

    I believe I was born in the wrong century
    Cause I want to woo you with
    Poems, flowers, chocolates and treats, none tainted
    Like a lake with mercury read more »

    Orlando De Los Santos
  • 303.
    The Muffins from the Women's Center

    The Muffins from the Women’s Center
    So hard to explain,
    The way in which,
    Taking a bite or two, read more »

    Pankhuri Sinha
  • 304.
    Chocolate Drop

    Firm yet soft to the touch,
    My chocolate drop brings water to my lips,
    I relish the thought of tasting her dainty body,
    She is aptly shaped like a nipple to ease my suckle, read more »

    Nora Pendaeli
  • 305.
    Russell Stover

    Russell Stover
    By Lionel J. Dorsey
    4 Damecia Dorsey read more »

    Lionel Dorsey
  • 306.

    Ackee & saltfish, fried dumplings and some chocolate tea,
    That’s how Sunday morning started out for the family
    Weekdays we were too busy to sit together and eat,
    But we look forward to our Sunday morning treat read more »

    Tracey Tucker
  • 307.
    Coco days – Part 2 – A Chocolate Bunny Scurries Yonder - Acrostic

    At seventy upon seventy times

    Challenges that shake ones core
    Honesty in the face of decision read more »

    stewart green
  • 308.
    My Favorite blanket

    When I was very little
    I had a favorite blanket
    I named her (For to me that
    fluffy piece of fabric with read more »

    Janice M Pickett
  • 309.
    Fantasy: Seven Baby Dragonlets, Cake-and-Icing

    Woke up this morning in pizza-pain, combating
    it by reading how the dragon Alberic came to
    stay with kids who were sad when he left, he
    came back with seven baby dragonlets, leaving read more »

    Margaret Alice
  • 310.
    The Xmas Cad'nt'Bury Tales

    I wish you were a chocolate truffle with a galliano centre,
    I wish, I wish, I wish you were a chocolate fudge oozing with caramel,
    Your essence sends shivers down my spine,
    A feast for my sences so devine. read more »

    Ken e Hall
  • 311.
    Little Bitty Chocolate Dog

    My little bitty chocolate dog,
    gets smaller everyday.
    But seems that I just cant resist,
    from licking on her face. read more »

    saint cynosure ( Ken Bennight )
  • 312.

    I love the time of Easter
    When my children get a chocolate treat
    For when they've gone to bed at night
    Into the kitchen I do creep read more »

    Lynn Cowman
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