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Poems About: CHOCOLATE

In this page, poems on / about “chocolate” are listed.

  • 25.
    It’s all about the Chocolate!

    When certain holidays come around
    I have often noticed it is true
    It’s all about the chocolate
    It is for me, now, how about you? read more »

    Marilyn Lott
  • 26.
    Wrapped In Chocolate

    I love the way the chocolate taste when enter into my mouth.

    It covers my body with silkiness around my temple.
    This chocolate feels warm when it enters into the body. read more »

    Ms. Anika Martinez
  • 27.

    A CHOCOLATE BLISS, read more »

    Katheryn Foley
  • 28.
    The Dark Temptation

    When the sweet dish
    just melts in one’s mouth
    one then tends to cherish
    the tasty chocolate mousse read more »

    Hansika Subramanian
  • 29.

    I can't resist those chocolates
    Beautifully wrapped in a box, tower or tin
    I can't resist those Hershey kisses or the peanut M&M's read more »

    Sunshine Poet
  • 30.
    My Unapproved Love For Chocolate

    Momma says chocolate is bad
    'Don't make your teeth mad! '
    I say chocolate is good
    'After all, for my frail and skinny body, it's food! ' read more »

    Kazi Maisha
  • 31.
    Chocolate Whispers...

    Softly I melt into your brown eyes and you

    into mines. read more »

    Jay AndersonTaylor
  • 32.
    Chocolate Cake

    Friends are like chocolate cake
    You can never have too much
    Chocolate cake is like heaven
    Always amazing you with each taste or feeling read more »

    Franklina OwusuAnsah
  • 33.

    My greatest love is chocolate.
    I know it makes you fat.
    But think of chocolates lovely taste,
    I can put up with that. read more »

    Lizzy Tomlinson
  • 34.
    A Chocolate Dream

    Dark, dark heavenly chocolate
    Makes my heart leap up and fascinates,
    I dream to live in a choco castle
    Where choco boats and choco vessels read more »

    Yasmeen Khan
  • 35.
    Chocolate is Good for the Heart

    Chocolate will never judge you.
    Chocolate goes great with any occasion.
    It is always there for you no matter the situation.
    It is something you can count on to help solve your difficult problems. read more »

    Monica Stelly
  • 36.
    Chocolate Cake

    Chocolate cake,
    Peacefully baked,
    Chocolate dripping down from the cake,
    Oh! My life at stake, read more »

    Sherbanu Molu
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