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Poems About: CHRISTMAS

In this page, poems on / about “christmas” are listed.

  • 241.
    A Christmas Sonnet

    What a magical time is christmas time
    Yet sweeter still in the days of our youth,
    What a magical time is christmas time
    Ere we taste the bittersweet morsel, truth. read more »

    Trevor Stelzer
  • 242.
    My Old Mixing Spoon!

    Christmas is coming quite soon
    I must find my old mixing spoon
    There is a cake that I need to make
    It has to be done ready for the baking read more »

    Clarence Prince
  • 243.
    on This Special Christmas

    How do you celebrate Christmas?
    Buy a new dress....
    Buy a new shoes....
    Go to Church.... read more »

    new heart
  • 244.
    Merry Christmas, Baby

    Christmas is here
    We can spend it together
    This December twenty-fifth
    We will always remember read more »

    Jessica Goudreault
  • 245.
    Christmas Love!

    Is Christmas dying?
    Holly that hang from the door is disappearing,
    Lights don’t shine so bright.
    Christmas goodwill and spirit is hard to be found, read more »

    Joseph Tanner
  • 246.
    christmas time

    As the children prepare for Christmas and the toys they want
    It’s a joy to watch as they help put the tree up and decorate it
    The ornaments that get broken and the ones from when they were small
    To sit back as they decorate Christmas cookies read more »

    jessica roberts
  • 247.
    Pathetic on christmas

    It's Christmas eve
    and I'm seated on this same old chair
    in front of this same old tube
    I'm a pathetic little twig read more »

    maya crisol
  • 248.
    (Love) From a Snowy Balcony in My Mind

    Whether it be a sun-sparkle shine
    Or a blizzard bleak grey,
    Upon my frozen roses
    Springs this Christmas Day, read more »

    K. Jared Hosein
  • 249.
    The Best Christmas Present

    Christmas morning I wake up
    and open my Christmas presents.
    I got an iPod, money, shoes, and many shiny things. read more »

    Lost Sierra
  • 250.
    For all we have

    FOR CHRISTMAS IS NEAR read more »

    gina hood
  • 251.
    Christmas! Humbug

    Was at a friends the other day
    And had 3 games of pool
    Of course he beat me didn’t he
    He made me feel a fool read more »

    Don Pengilly
  • 252.
    Christmas 2007

    Christmas, full of joy, happiness, and love;
    Surrounded by families, friends, and loved ones;
    Yet, this christmas is far too lonely. read more »

    Petra Soliman
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