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Help The Nile-Crocodile Survive - Poem by Margaret Alice

Eating in a new restaurant where the chips were
sprinkled with spices; I should have sent it back,
but I didn’t; now another sleepless night with my
back and neck in a terrible knot, stomach burning
and my head stuffed with cotton; with cold spells
and fevers; it is the very last time I eat what I’m
offered with strange condiments; in future I’ll refuse,
not caring about offending; given the corporeal
punishment inflicted by food - I feel like dying

I am so tired; the Nile-Crocodile is reduced to
primitive reptilian survival; the Ice-Princess is
crying all life is vain; Cinderella is writhing in pain,
Alice has been changed into a prototype Quasimodo;
maybe the stuff that I eat shuts off part of my brain –
I can’t even do any addition; at school I was branded
a fool; at varsity I was the local dunce; every test
taken under allergic conditions and I never knew
I thought life was supposed to be this painful

Seth says all physical pain has psychosomatic origins
in the indictment of my childish self by Calvinism’s
original sin; the war at home that spoiled all ideas of
love; the total neglect of all emotional needs when we
were small – therefore my life is blighted; although I
know that ideas and experiences of doom and gloom
are the cause by creating a chemically unbalanced body;
no amount of reading and positive thinking has changed
the situation as yet –

Seth promised that accepting responsibility for all of
life’s problems would lessen the effect of any
psychosomatic condition; yet my attempts to accept
it has not changed anything – maybe this condition
is meant as a gift: It brought the Nile-Crocodile into
existence, a deep need to read and study to escape
the confines of discomfort – the claustrophobia forces
me to seek escape through my imagination; thank
heaven I discovered New Age literature to

Help the Nile-Crocodile survive the onslaught
on mind, brain and body!

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