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I Have Only But One Audience For My Daft And Inane Efforts - Poem by Stephen Evans Heremesi

I have only but one audience for my daft and inane efforts in 'explanations'……. and its u.
Not as valiant, not as polished, not as commanding as …….
Fear of rejection and critique overwhelm my better judgment
Will I go to the grave with my knowledge and power?
becoz I have not grown, am still a servant even though I own it all
Untill that day……..

Remember them days wen we were young, timid and wild all at once
The wrld was our stage and we played the stars so well
we could be millionaires from the box office figures
We were the main stars of our lives the heroes and not the vilains.
the supporting cast were a hindrance most times
Adding that suspense, that excitement sending adrenalin shocks into the mainstream
but in the end only cinderella has a happy ending, life is never a fairytale
The epilogue sent us home leaking through our eyes
the streams of salty waters would just not stop
Replaying the act in the mind, tiresome and weary
the vivid images of the your hands on my hips and
the closenes of your heart to my full breast
Only bring confusion and the need and
the passion to replay again all at the same time
Engraved in the heart are the seemingly powerful messages and
bright moments that forever are hidden in my soul

I like the sonets the imagery the irony
Make it clean and simple the layman will get the point even inspiration can overwhelm him
Timidity naïvity maybe but raw fresh and youthfull adolescent and green,
will bloom in the latter like Job of old
Dickens of the 19th century with all the genoiusity (complicated mind, maturity, not necessarily all knowing, witty and brainy)
will need tutor dor on hip hop culture
Freedom of mind exploring the virgin territory unknown posibilities
and intergrating the forbiden and the norm never afraid of an escapade
Evolution thru progressive action with the pen and paper
no longer stagnent but advancing and bringing fruitition
The yoyo man in the eyes of the aged is uncultured bad mannerd
and not at all patriotic but intensely hooked to foreign ideologies
Filled with reverence but not worshiping
the young lad with a free will and mind will certainly be at logerheads always with the grey haired ones
Thesaurus has no explanation for his burning desire and craze for literature

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