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9.That Girl In The Corner - Poem by Jeff Law

That girl in the corner, with the apricot lipstick shade
she is truly a thing of beauty, in all ways, I am amazed
she looks up, her eyelids flutter and stares at me from head to toe
what is her name, her game her ways, all this I’d like to know

I stand up and take a walk to gather my composure
And I grab a chair across the room, to try and move in closer
approaching a woman like you is not one for the faint hearted
And if I talk to you what kind of danger have I started

Like an ice-cream, you’re my favourite flavour
but you’re playing on my mind, so please do me a favour
your apricot scent, it lingers, and I savour
if you’re my ice-cream, can I be your wafer

When I see you I’m shy, and I wonder if I
Can call up some bravery, and speak up with life
Because my head it calls for you, will you answer my dialing tone
I’ve got a journey for the both of us, but I can’t do it alone

Me and you, I would say that we’re friends, but will you take the chance
for a date and a dance, don’t say no or I can’t, just fall into my arms
Romance and affection, building up your first connection
A man like me can offer love, care, conversation and protection

These feelings I have, they are real and I wont make pretend
Into spontaneous times, on my stairway, will you ascend
If we continue as friends then our adventure will end
but this letter I’ve written, it’s stamped, sealed, now send

If this is a fairytale, then you’re my Cinderella
I see us turning every page, three wishes we’re together
Just don’t think I’m crazy for writing this letter
all I want is the chance to get to know you better

I’m the diamond in the rough, I hope you’ve heard enough
I respect if you reject, no need for my feelings to protect
You are truly wonderful and you are just so beautiful
I would rather have you as a friend than not have you at all.

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