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Hybridity - Poem by Louis Borgo

I consider myself multiracial but at the end of the day term best fit would not be other as found on Exit Exam for school but simple a man of color I never denied my race to denied my race is to denied each and ever person of that race that made me
I am not that much of a people person coming from city that I from I am a minority with in a minority
Just think about it
I know French is not a nationality but I am French and I do know they have no race demolition you’re just French
Just think about it
I don’t have any a religious demolition close thing is Cathar that became before Christian and Catholic which both side of my family are and how I came to Cathar was not I want to be it I was living it day one not knowing it and do any one believe in predestination well faith be the keeper
Just think about it
I desire women of all nationality nature because I’m Hybridities mean multiracial but still I’m tradition some who consider me a square but at the end don’t we all want be square but sometime I don’t think before speaking some would say I’m ignorant or airhead but most of the time I get last laugh no comedy but a women always said be honesty well for you I aint going lie anyhow and on another note…

People are always asking me go back and rewrite I took speech as well as addition written and I work on pronounces words and sound like ch, st, r and vowels and consistence from preschool to fifth grade maybe that is why ok writer but don’t like written and I say if you are that big of critic you write it….
Just think about it

I never been the type that care if I was liked once again I am a minority within a minority from the city that I’m from and people ask me why you trust nobody? I never said that? Everyone in small city gospel it hundred church in my city. I put like this and it is a fact somewhere between 60 to300 texts go out per day you ask a person what happen yesterday and see what they say but I heard them say….
Now is it “Complication”
Once again my Nickname is Jason I heard 1988 was a good year Holy06 the ghost was here….

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