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A Letter From The City - Poem by Okonkwo Osamedua. Allen

He sends me a letter from the city
With a postcard of glittering towers ag'st the sun
He paints a picture of wonders and beauty
Of civilization in her splendour burn

He writes of paved roads and pedestrians
Where walk the sea of humanity
I read of billboards and road signs
That grace every nook and every cranny

He speaks of trams and trains
Of countless cabs and buses
And overhead, of flying planes
With shiny boats on blue waters

He talks of light of different hues
That keep city life forever young
Of reds, of yellows, of greens and blues
Where gods tread among men all day long

'Boy! You need a life' he adresses me
Away from bushpaths and redish earth
Come, taste the city and be free
And mingle with men of richly worth

Here, where life is monotonous and slow paced
I read his tales of city fast lanes
And how all highways are closely linked
Not just to the hills and the open plains

Great excitement fills my humble heart
For my friend indeed is happy there
Yet a sad feeling rend me apart
To see how plain my life is down here

And as two rivers in their confluence
I carry both joy and sadness side by side
And wondering how both moods thus influence
And come to dampen my rural pride

I read his note over and over again
And wonder why he didnt add the strife
And all the troubles and pain
That marr the city's everyday life

He didnt speak of the sun over the hills
Or the fresh morning breeze upon my skin
And how the beauty of nature fills
Us everyday without and within

I like the city walls and bright light
I love the country's simple way
I like the city lighting in the night
I love the blooming flowers of May

I read his letter once more
With smiles i fold it neatly
And take two steps towards the door
To be with nature peacefully!

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