Classical Poems

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Vasant Abaji Dahake poet Superman In A Jar by Vasant Abaji Dahake
In the see-through jar of this century,
you see preserved
5.50 0
Robert Crawford poet Supernatural Discernment. by Robert Crawford
If we could spy into each other, ken
The heathen aims and the familiar evils
5.69 0
William Butler Yeats poet Supernatural Songs by William Butler Yeats
Ribb at the Tomb of Baile and Aillinn
6.46 0
david bailey poet Superstar by david bailey Rookie - 0 Points
sperstar superstar sperstar superstar i dont need to be one i just need to have one i popular because im a flirt i dont even like the spotlight nor th
0.00 0
Richard Rowe poet Superstites Rosae by Richard Rowe
The grass is green upon her grave,
   The west wind whispers low;
5.62 1
Madison Julius Cawein poet Superstition by Madison Julius Cawein
In the waste places, in the dreadful night,
When the wood whispers like a wandering mind,
0.00 0
Antonio de Castro Alves poet Súplica by Antonio de Castro Alves
0.00 0
Augosto dos Anjos poet Súplica Num Túmulo by Augosto dos Anjos
0.00 0
Jean Ingelow poet Supper At The Mill by Jean Ingelow
Well, Frances.
5.50 0
Robert Kirkland Kernighan poet Supper's Ready! by Robert Kirkland Kernighan
WHO is the girl I love the best ?
She with the pillared neck of snow?
0.00 0
Naomi Shihab Nye poet Supple Cord by Naomi Shihab Nye
My brother, in his small white bed,
held one end.
5.09 0
Alan Sullivan poet Suppliant by Alan Sullivan
Grant me, dear Lord, the alchemy of toil,
Clean days of labour, dreamless nights of rest,
0.00 0
Charles Cros poet Supplication by Charles Cros
0.00 0
Constantine P. Cavafy poet Supplication by Constantine P. Cavafy
The sea took a sailor to its depths.--
His mother, unsuspecting, goes and lights
5.49 0
Joseph Seamon Cotter poet Supplication by Joseph Seamon Cotter
I am so tired and weary,
So tired of the endless fight,
0.00 0
Victor Segalen poet Supplique by Victor Segalen
0.00 0
Paul Laurence Dunbar poet Suppose by Paul Laurence Dunbar
IF 'twere fair to suppose
That your heart were not taken,
5.50 0
Eugene Field poet Suppose by Eugene Field
Suppose, my dear, that you were I
And by your side your sweetheart sate;
5.46 0
Walter de la Mare poet Suppose by Walter de la Mare
Suppose ... and suppose that a wild little Horse of Magic
Came cantering out of the sky,
5.77 0
Robert William Service poet Suppose? by Robert William Service
It's mighty nice at shut of day
With weariness to hit the hey,
10.00 0
Stephen Crane poet Supposing That I Should Have The Courage by Stephen Crane
Supposing that I should have the courage
To let a red sword of virtue
5.43 0
Robert Burns poet Suppressed Stanzas Of &Quot;The Vision&Quot; by Robert Burns
WITH secret throes I marked that earth,
That cottage, witness of my birth;
0.00 0
Edwin Arlington Robinson poet Supremacy by Edwin Arlington Robinson
There is a drear and lonely tract of hell
From all the common gloom removed afar:
5.71 0
Augosto dos Anjos poet Supreme Convulsion by Augosto dos Anjos
0.00 0
Harekrishna Meher poet Supreme Divine Voice by Harekrishna Meher Rookie - 0 Points
Entire courtyard of the Creator
is permeated with Music.
0.00 0
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