Classical Poems

Poet Poem User Rating Comment Count
Emile Verhaeren poet Sur La Côte by Emile Verhaeren
0.00 0
Augosto dos Anjos poet Súplica Num Túmulo by Augosto dos Anjos
0.00 0
Jean Ingelow poet Supper At The Mill by Jean Ingelow
Well, Frances.
5.50 0
Robert Kirkland Kernighan poet Supper's Ready! by Robert Kirkland Kernighan
WHO is the girl I love the best ?
She with the pillared neck of snow?
0.00 0
Naomi Shihab Nye poet Supple Cord by Naomi Shihab Nye
My brother, in his small white bed,
held one end.
5.09 0
Alan Sullivan poet Suppliant by Alan Sullivan
Grant me, dear Lord, the alchemy of toil,
Clean days of labour, dreamless nights of rest,
0.00 0
Charles Cros poet Supplication by Charles Cros
0.00 0
Constantine P. Cavafy poet Supplication by Constantine P. Cavafy
The sea took a sailor to its depths.--
His mother, unsuspecting, goes and lights
5.49 0
Joseph Seamon Cotter poet Supplication by Joseph Seamon Cotter
I am so tired and weary,
So tired of the endless fight,
0.00 0
Victor Segalen poet Supplique by Victor Segalen
0.00 0
Paul Laurence Dunbar poet Suppose by Paul Laurence Dunbar
IF 'twere fair to suppose
That your heart were not taken,
5.50 0
Eugene Field poet Suppose by Eugene Field
Suppose, my dear, that you were I
And by your side your sweetheart sate;
5.46 0
Walter de la Mare poet Suppose by Walter de la Mare
Suppose ... and suppose that a wild little Horse of Magic
Came cantering out of the sky,
5.77 0
Robert William Service poet Suppose? by Robert William Service
It's mighty nice at shut of day
With weariness to hit the hey,
10.00 0
Stephen Crane poet Supposing That I Should Have The Courage by Stephen Crane
Supposing that I should have the courage
To let a red sword of virtue
5.43 0
Robert Burns poet Suppressed Stanzas Of &Quot;The Vision&Quot; by Robert Burns
WITH secret throes I marked that earth,
That cottage, witness of my birth;
0.00 0
Edwin Arlington Robinson poet Supremacy by Edwin Arlington Robinson
There is a drear and lonely tract of hell
From all the common gloom removed afar:
5.71 0
Augosto dos Anjos poet Supreme Convulsion by Augosto dos Anjos
0.00 0
Harekrishna Meher poet Supreme Divine Voice by Harekrishna Meher Rookie - 0 Points
Entire courtyard of the Creator
is permeated with Music.
0.00 0
Jean Regnault de Segrais poet Sur La Carte De Tendre by Jean Regnault de Segrais
5.50 0
Joachim du Bellay poet Sur La Croupe D'Un Mont Je Vis Une Fabrique by Joachim du Bellay
Sur la croupe d'un mont je vis une fabrique
De cent brasses de haut : cent colonnes d'un rond
5.50 0
Hégésippe Moreau poet Sur La Maladie De M. Sassinot by Hégésippe Moreau
0.00 0
Emile Verhaeren poet Sur La Mer by Emile Verhaeren
0.00 0
Andre Marie de Chenier poet Sur La Mort D’un Enfant by Andre Marie de Chenier
L'innocente victime, au terrestre séjour,
N'a vu que le printemps qui lui donna le jour.
5.33 0
Adélaïde-Gillette Dufrénoy poet Sur La Mort De Florian by Adélaïde-Gillette Dufrénoy
5.50 0
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