Classical Poems

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Andre Marie de Chenier poet Sur Un Groupe De Jupiter Et D’europe by Andre Marie de Chenier
_Des nymphes et des satyres chantent dans une grotte qu'il faut peindre
bien romantique, pittoresque, divine, en soupant, avec des coupes
5.93 0
Charles Cros poet Sur Un Miroir by Charles Cros
0.00 0
Georges de Scudéry poet Sur Un Songe by Georges de Scudéry
0.00 0
Isaac de Benserade poet Sur Une Coquette by Isaac de Benserade
Une foule d'amants, que chez vous on tolère,
De vos facilités cherche à s'avantager;
5.15 0
Maurice Rollinat poet Sur Une Croix by Maurice Rollinat
0.00 0
Bashir Badr poet Suraj Chanda Jaisi Jodi Ham Donon by Bashir Badr
0.00 0
Abdul Hameed Adam poet Suraj Kii Har Kiran Terii Suurat Pe Vaar Duu.N by Abdul Hameed Adam
5.18 0
Kalapi poet Surasinhaji Takhtasinhaji Gohila - Smriti by Kalapi
5.50 0
Shel Silverstein poet Sure Hit Songwriter’s Pen by Shel Silverstein
Now I was hangin' round Nashville writin' songs and playin' 'em for all of the stars
Watchin' 'em laugh and hand 'em back livin' on hope and Hershey
5.94 0
Shiv Kumar Batalvi poet Sures De Marcia by Shiv Kumar Batalvi
0.00 0
Claudia Emerson poet Surface Hunting by Claudia Emerson
You always washed artifacts
at the kitchen sink, your back
5.50 0
Emily Dickinson poet Surgeons Must Be Very Careful by Emily Dickinson
Surgeons must be very careful
5.72 0
Ezra Pound poet Surgit Fama by Ezra Pound
There is a truce among the gods,
Kore is seen in the North
5.33 0
Hégésippe Moreau poet Surgite Mortui by Hégésippe Moreau
0.00 0
Shankha Ghosh poet Surjomukhi by Shankha Ghosh
0.00 0
Khondakar Ashraf Hossain poet Surjyo Sen Haller Shohidera by Khondakar Ashraf Hossain
0.00 0
Valmiki poet Surpa-Nakha In Love by Valmiki
As the Moon with starry Chitra dwells in azure skies above,
In his lonesome leafy cottage Rama dwelt in Sita's love,
0.00 0
Valmiki poet Surpa-Yarua Punished by Valmiki
Rama heard her impious purpose and a gentle smile repressed,
To the foul and forward female thus his mocking words addressed:
0.00 0
Richard Brautigan poet Surprise by Richard Brautigan
I lift the toliet seat
as if it were the nest of a bird
9.00 0
Dorothy Parker poet Surprise by Dorothy Parker
My heart went fluttering with fear
Lest you should go, and leave me here
5.69 0
Boris Vian poet Surprise Party by Boris Vian
The turntable hacked up a melancholy blues
The air was heavy with dust and odors
5.59 0
Ambrose Bierce poet Surprised by Ambrose Bierce
'O son of mine age, these eyes lose their fire:
Be eyes, I pray, to thy dying sire.'
0.00 0
William Wordsworth poet Surprised By Joy by William Wordsworth
Surprised By Joy
Surprised by joy — impatient as the Wind
5.87 1
Sukumar Ray poet Sur-Prize by Sukumar Ray
Innocent pen, innocent ink [and Muse]
On an innocent page scribbles abuse--
0.00 0
Edith Nesbit poet Surrender by Edith Nesbit
Oh, the nights were dark and cold,
When my love was gone.
5.30 0
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