Classical Poems

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William Henry Davies poet Sweet Stay-At-Home by William Henry Davies
Sweet Stay-at-Home, sweet Well-content,
Thou knowest of no strange continent;
5.42 0
Robert Burns poet Sweet Tibbie Dunbar by Robert Burns
O wilt thou go wi' me, sweet Tibbie Dunbar?
O wilt thou go wi' me, sweet Tibbie Dunbar?
5.49 0
Alfonsina Storni poet Sweet Torture by Alfonsina Storni
My melancholy was gold dust in your hands;
On your long hands I scattered my life;
6.14 0
James Thomson poet Sweet Valley, Say by James Thomson
Sweet valley, say, where, pensive lying,
For me, our children, England, sighing,
5.36 0
Dorothy Parker poet Sweet Violets by Dorothy Parker
You are brief and frail and blue-
Little sisters, I am, too.
5.86 0
William Wordsworth poet Sweet Was The Walk by William Wordsworth
Sweet was the walk along the narrow lane
At noon, the bank and hedge-rows all the way
5.50 0
John Gay poet Sweet William's Farewell To Black-Ey'D Susan: A Ballad by John Gay
1 All in the Downs the fleet was moor'd,
2 The streamers waving in the wind,
5.50 1
Thomas Percy poet Sweet William's Ghost by Thomas Percy
There came a ghost to Margaret's door,
With many a grievous grone,
6.43 1
Harekrishna Meher poet Sweet Words Of Poet Jayadeva by Harekrishna Meher Rookie - 0 Points
O Liquor of Madhuka!
No noble thought arises for you.
0.00 0
Emily Dickinson poet Sweet&Mdash;Safe&Mdash;Houses by Emily Dickinson
5.70 0
Emily Dickinson poet Sweet&Mdash;You Forgot&Mdash;But I Remembered by Emily Dickinson
Sweet—You forgot—but I remembered
5.64 0
Sri Chinmoy Ghose poet Sweet, Sweeter, Sweetest by Sri Chinmoy Ghose
Sweet is my Lord.
Him I have realised as the Eternal Truth.
0.00 0
Emily Dickinson poet Sweet, To Have Had Them Lost by Emily Dickinson
Sweet, to have had them lost
5.70 0
William Shakespeare poet Sweet-And-Twenty by William Shakespeare
O MISTRESS mine, where are you roaming?
O, stay and hear! your true love 's coming,
8.27 1
John Hay poet Sweetest And Dearest by John Hay
Vain are all names
To express what thou art,
4.79 0
John Donne poet Sweetest Love, I Do Not Go by John Donne
Sweetest love, I do not go,
For weariness of thee,
5.86 2
Edward William Thomson poet Sweetest Whistle Ever Blew by Edward William Thomson
A DAY when April willows fringed the pool
Of fifty years ago with freshening gold,
0.00 0
Robert Fuller Murray poet Sweetheart by Robert Fuller Murray
Sweetheart, that thou art fair I know,
More fair to me
5.69 0
Ghulam Ahmad Mahjoor poet Sweetheart, Save One Languishing For Love! by Ghulam Ahmad Mahjoor
Sweetheart, save one languishing for love !
Let me rock you in my arms,
0.00 0
Thomas Bailey Aldrich poet Sweetheart, Sigh No More by Thomas Bailey Aldrich
It was with doubt and trembling
I whispered in her ear.
5.24 0
Ghulam Ahmad Mahjoor poet Sweetheart, Stay A Moment, And Hear Me Speak by Ghulam Ahmad Mahjoor
Sweetheart, stay a moment, and hear me speak.
I crave only to gaze at you - O stay !
0.00 0
Vachel Lindsay poet Sweethearts Of The Year by Vachel Lindsay
Sweetheart Spring
Our Sweetheart, Spring, came softly,
5.46 0
Henry Lawson poet Sweethearts Wait On Every Shore by Henry Lawson
SHE SITS beside the tinted tide,
That’s reddened by the tortured sand;
5.57 0
Emily Dickinson poet Sweet—you Forgot—but I Remembered by Emily Dickinson
Sweet—You forgot—but I remembered
5.41 0
Christina Georgina Rossetti poet Swift And Sure The Swallow by Christina Georgina Rossetti
Swift and sure the swallow,
Slow and sure the snail:
5.31 0
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