Classical Poems

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Charles Kingsley poet The Young Knight: A Parable by Charles Kingsley
A gay young knight in Burley stood,
Beside him pawed his steed so good,
5.64 0
Virna Sheard poet The Young Knights by Virna Sheard
Now they remain to us forever young
Who with such splendor gave their youth away;
0.00 0
Allan Ramsay poet The Young Laird and Edinburgh Katy by Allan Ramsay
1 Now wat ye wha I met yestreen
2 Coming down the street, my Jo,
5.27 0
Charles Lamb poet The Young Letter Writer by Charles Lamb
Dear Sir, Dear Madam, or Dear Friend,
With ease are written at the top;
5.77 0
Edward George Dyson poet The Young Lieutenant by Edward George Dyson
The young lieutenant's face was grey.
As came the day.
5.58 0
Sydney Thompson Dobell poet The Young Man's Song by Sydney Thompson Dobell
At last the curse has run its date!
The heavens grow clear above,
5.63 0
Thomas Moore poet The Young May Moon by Thomas Moore
The young May moon is beaming, love.
The glow-worm's lamp is gleaming, love.
5.04 0
Katharine Tynan poet The Young Mother by Katharine Tynan
In dreadful times of tears and war
She sails, a little fixed star,
5.31 0
Thomas Cowherd poet The Young Mother's Vision by Thomas Cowherd
I saw a fair young mother sitting,
With a babe upon her knee;
0.00 0
Rosanna Eleanor Leprohon poet The Young Novice by Rosanna Eleanor Leprohon
The lights yet gleamed on the holy shrine, the incense hung around,
But the rites were o’er, the silent church re-echoed to no sound;
5.80 0
Lady Jane Wilde poet The Young Patriot Leader by Lady Jane Wilde
Oh! he stands beneath the sun, that glorious Fated One
Like a martyr or conqueror, wearing
0.00 0
George Meredith poet The Young Princess -- A Ballad Of Old Laws Of Love by George Meredith
When the South sang like a nightingale
5.50 0
Anne Kingsmill Finch poet The Young Rat And His Dam, The Cock And The Cat by Anne Kingsmill Finch
No Cautions of a Matron, Old and Sage,
Young Rattlehead to Prudence cou'd engage;
5.07 0
Alice Guerin Crist poet The Young Rebel by Alice Guerin Crist
The sun is setting behind the range,
His golden rays pour down
0.00 0
Katharine Tynan poet The Young Soldier by Katharine Tynan
Since you were so young, child, I shall
Not fear your noon or even-fall,
5.83 0
Wilfred Owen poet The Young Soldier by Wilfred Owen
It is not death
Without hereafter
5.94 1
William Barnes poet The Young that Died in Beauty by William Barnes
If souls should only sheen so bright
In heaven as in e’thly light,
5.58 0
Ingeborg Bachmann poet The Young That Died In Beauty by Ingeborg Bachmann
If souls should only sheen so bright
In heaven as in e'thly light,
5.50 0
George Meredith poet The Young Usurper by George Meredith
On my darling's bosom
Has dropped a living rosy bud,
7.00 0
Dora Sigerson Shorter poet The Young Volunteer by Dora Sigerson Shorter
With a knock upon the window comes the young volunteer,
'Tis his step upon the threshold; 'what is it brings you here?'
0.00 0
James Weldon Johnson poet The Young Warrior by James Weldon Johnson
Mother, shed no mournful tears,
But gird me on my sword;
0.00 0
Count Giacomo Leopardi poet The Younger Brutus by Count Giacomo Leopardi
When in the Thracian dust uprooted lay,
In ruin vast, the strength of Italy,
0.00 0
Robert William Service poet The Younger Son by Robert William Service
If you leave the gloom of London and you seek a glowing land,
Where all except the flag is strange and new,
5.61 0
Samuel Rogers poet The Youngest Daughter of Lady **** by Samuel Rogers
Ah! why with tell-tale tongue reveal
What most her blushes would conceal?
0.00 0
Johann Wolfgang von Goethe poet The Youth And The Millstream by Johann Wolfgang von Goethe
WHENCE comes our friend so hastily,
When scarce the Eastern sky is grey?
0.00 0
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