Classical Poems

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Gary Whitehead poet A Cold House by Gary Whitehead
I wake now to a house as cold
as your side of our double bed.
0.00 0
Matsuo Basho poet A Cold Rain Starting by Matsuo Basho
A cold rain starting
And no hat --
5.69 2
Robert Fuller Murray poet A College Career by Robert Fuller Murray
When one is young and eager,
5.98 0
Robert Laurence Binyon poet A Colliquy by Robert Laurence Binyon
Why hurt so hard by little pricks,
By chasing cares so clouded over,
5.50 0
Vachel Lindsay poet A Colloquial Reply: To Any Newsboy by Vachel Lindsay
If you lay for Iago at the stage door with a brick
You have missed the moral of the play.
5.37 0
Katharine Tynan poet A Colloquy: (For M. W.) by Katharine Tynan
'When you get to Heaven, seek and find my boy.
Mother him!' 'Until you come?' 'I shall never come.
5.24 0
Tony Hoagland poet A Color of the Sky by Tony Hoagland
Windy today and I feel less than brilliant,
driving over the hills from work.
10.00 1
Amy Lowell poet A Coloured Print By Shokei by Amy Lowell
It winds along the face of a cliff
This path which I long to explore,
5.44 0
Spike Milligan poet A Combustible Woman From Thang by Spike Milligan
A combustible woman from Thang
Exploded one day with a BANG!
0.00 0
Edith Nesbit poet A Comedy by Edith Nesbit
MADAM, you bade me act a part,
A comedy of your devising--
5.53 0
Edgar Albert Guest poet A Coming Reunion by Edgar Albert Guest
Jim's made good in the world out there, an' Kate has a man that's true,
No better, of course, than she deserves; she's rich, but she's happy, too;
0.00 0
Henry Timrod poet A Common Thought by Henry Timrod
Somewhere on this earthly planet
In the dust of flowers to be,
5.36 0
Thomas Hardy poet A Commonplace Day by Thomas Hardy
The day is turning ghost,
And scuttles from the kalendar in fits and furtively,
5.24 2
George Essex Evans poet A Commonplace Song by George Essex Evans
Ebbs and flows the restless river
In the city street
5.61 0
Ambrose Bierce poet A Commuted Sentence by Ambrose Bierce
Boruck and Waterman upon their grills
In Hades lay, with many a sigh and groan,
5.67 0
William Cowper poet A Comparison by William Cowper
The lapse of time and rivers is the same,
Both speed their journey with a restless stream;
5.55 0
John Hegley poet A Comparison Between Logs And Dogs by John Hegley
Both are very popular at Christmas,
But it is not generally considered cruel to abandon a log,
7.44 2
William Cowper poet A Comparison. Addressed To A Young Lady by William Cowper
Sweet stream that winds through yonder glade,
Apt emblem of a virtuous maid
5.42 0
William Wordsworth poet A Complaint by William Wordsworth
There is a change--and I am poor;
Your love hath been, nor long ago,
5.54 8
Confucius poet A Complaint by Confucius
He lodged us in a spacious house,
And plenteous was our fare.
5.50 0
James Thomson poet A Complaint On The Miseries Of Life by James Thomson
I loathe, O Lord, this life below,
And all its fading fleeting joys;
6.16 0
Geoffrey Chaucer poet A Complaint To His Lady by Geoffrey Chaucer
In the long night, when every creature should
naturally take some rest, or else his life cannot long
0.00 0
Augusta Davies Webster poet A Comrade by Augusta Davies Webster
'I AM Joy,' she said; but her voice was low,
Too low for laughter;
5.28 0
Maya Angelou poet A Conceit by Maya Angelou
Give me your hand
Make room for me
6.79 39
Vasko Popa poet A Conceited Mistake by Vasko Popa
Once upon a time there was a mistake
So silly so small
6.50 4
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