Classical Poems

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Shamim Azad poet Waiting For The Touch by Shamim Azad
I've tuned time to the wind,
In every season, famine's shadow.
0.00 0
Edward George Dyson poet Waiting For Water by Edward George Dyson
’TWAS old Flynn, the identity, told us
That the creek always ran pretty high,
5.44 0
Isabella Fyvie Mayo poet Waiting In The Dusk by Isabella Fyvie Mayo
Sitting alone in the twilight time,
Alas! how silent the old house seems
5.50 0
Evie Shockley poet Waiting On The Mayflower by Evie Shockley
i. august 1619
arrived in a boat, named
0.00 0
Augusta Davies Webster poet Waiting, Waiting by Augusta Davies Webster
WAITING, waiting. 'Tis so far
To the day that is to come:
5.31 0
Leo Yankevich poet Wake by Leo Yankevich Rookie
The cactus pricks the window pane,
the withered rose begs for a drink.
9.00 0
Langston Hughes poet Wake by Langston Hughes
Tell all my mourners
To mourn in red --
6.07 2
Leo Yankevich poet Wake Cake by Leo Yankevich Rookie
You fly back home, sit at the kitchen table
with the wake cake. The crumbs inside the foil.
6.62 0
Henry Clay Work poet Wake Nicodemus! by Henry Clay Work
Nicodemus, the slave was of African birth,
And was bought for a bagful of gold;
5.62 0
Alfred Edward Housman poet Wake Not For The World-Heard Thunder by Alfred Edward Housman
Wake not for the world-heard thunder,
Nor the chimes that earthquakes toll;
5.43 0
John Austin poet Wake Now, My Soul, And Humbly Hear by John Austin
Wake now, my Soul, and humbly hear
What thy mild Lord commands:
0.00 0
Percy Bysshe Shelley poet Wake The Serpent Not by Percy Bysshe Shelley
Wake the serpent not—lest he
Should not know the way to go,--
5.54 0
david bailey poet Wake Up by david bailey Rookie - 0 Points
wake up wake up realize your fight
wake up wake up realize your fright
5.50 0
Zia Fatehabadi poet Wake Up For It Is No Longer Dark by Zia Fatehabadi
Wake up for it is no longer dark, a new day has dawned;
Lifted are the covers that hide things from your view.
0.00 0
Aldous Huxley poet Waking by Aldous Huxley
Darkness had stretched its colour,
Deep blue across the pane:
0.00 0
Frances Anne Kemble poet Waking by Frances Anne Kemble
Before my senses or my soul awake,
Sorrow begins to stir within my heart;
5.53 0
Kalidasa poet Waking by Kalidasa
Even the man who is happy
glimpses something
5.25 2
John Le Gay Brereton poet Waking by John Le Gay Brereton
ABOVE us hangs the jewelled night;
And how her restful cool caresses
5.31 0
William Stafford poet Waking At 3 A.M. by William Stafford
Even in the cave of the night when you
wake and are free and lonely,
5.44 0
G. S. Sharat Chandra poet Waking At Fifty by G. S. Sharat Chandra
Show me a man who sleeps to be miserable,
I'll show you myself
0.00 0
Li Po poet Waking From Drunken Sleep On A Spring Day. by Li Po
Life is a dream. No need to stir.
Remembering this I’m drunk all day.
5.59 0
Robert Bly poet Waking from Sleep by Robert Bly
Inside the veins there are navies setting forth
Tiny explosions at the water lines
0.00 0
Philip Levine poet Waking In March by Philip Levine
Last night, again, I dreamed
my children were back at home,
5.50 0
Robert Lowell poet Waking In The Blue by Robert Lowell
The night attendant, a B.U. sophomore,
rouses from the mare's-nest of his drowsy head
6.76 1
Sylvia Plath poet Waking In Winter by Sylvia Plath
I can taste the tin of the sky —- the real tin thing.
Winter dawn is the color of metal,
0.00 0
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