Classical Poems

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Johannes Ewald poet Versemageren by Johannes Ewald
0.00 0
Robert Browning poet Verse-Making Was Least Of My Virtues by Robert Browning
Verse-making was least of my virtues: I viewed with despair
Wealth that never yet was but might be--all that verse-making were
5.62 0
William Cowper poet Verses by William Cowper
I am monarch of all I survey;
My right there is none to dispute;
4.68 0
Anne Kingsmill Finch poet Verses by Anne Kingsmill Finch
Observe this Piece, which to our Sight does bring
The fittest Posture for the Swedish King;
5.30 0
Anonymous Olde English poet Verses by Anonymous Olde English
The sturdy rock, for all his strength,
By raging seas, is rent in twaine;
6.07 0
Matthew Prior poet Verses - Spoken To Lady Henrietta Cavendish Holles-Harley,.. by Matthew Prior
Madam, Since Anna visited the muse's seat,
(Around her tomb let weeping angels wait)
4.46 0
Henry James Pye poet Verses Addressed To A Lady by Henry James Pye
Of toil you say a moderate share
In each pursuit should rise,
5.67 0
James Thomson poet Verses Addressed To Amanda by James Thomson
Ah, urged too late! from beauty's bondage free,
Why did I trust my liberty with thee?
5.68 0
Helen Maria Williams poet Verses Addressed To My Two Nephews by Helen Maria Williams
DEAR Boys!--dismiss'd awhile from school,
0.00 0
Lady Mary Wortley Montagu poet Verses Addressed To The Imitator Of The First Satire Of Th.. by Lady Mary Wortley Montagu
In two large columns on thy motley page
Where Roman wit is strip'd with English rage;
5.50 0
Anne Brontë poet Verses By Lady Geralda by Anne Brontë
Why, when I hear the stormy breath
Of the wild winter wind
4.93 0
Oliver Wendell Holmes poet Verses For After-Dinner by Oliver Wendell Holmes
I WAS thinking last night, as I sat in the cars,
5.64 0
Padraic Colum poet Verses For Alfeo Faggi's Stations Of The Cross by Padraic Colum
HERE Pilate's Court is:
5.29 0
William Morris poet Verses For Pictures by William Morris
I am Day; I bring again
6.08 1
George Gordon Byron poet Verses Found In A Summerhouse At Hales-Owen by George Gordon Byron
When Dryden's fool, 'unknowing what he sought,'
His hours in whistling spent, 'for want of thought,'
5.50 0
Sir Walter Scott poet Verses Found In Bothwell's Pocket-Book by Sir Walter Scott
Thy hue, dear pledge, is pure and bright
As in that well-remember'd night
5.59 0
Richard Crashaw poet Verses From The Shepherds' Hymn by Richard Crashaw
WE saw Thee in Thy balmy nest,
   Young dawn of our eternal day;
0.00 0
Charlotte Smith poet Verses I by Charlotte Smith
O'ERWHELM'D with sorrow, and sustaining long
'The proud man's contumely, th' oppressor's wrong,'
5.80 0
Charlotte Smith poet Verses Ii by Charlotte Smith
Supposed to have been written in the New Forest,
in early Spring.
6.02 0
Charlotte Smith poet Verses Iii by Charlotte Smith
Written by the same lady on seeing her two sons
at play.
5.62 0
Oliver Goldsmith poet Verses In Reply To An Invitation To Dinner At Dr. Baker's by Oliver Goldsmith
'This 'is' a poem! This 'is' a copy of verses!'
YOUR mandate I got,
0.00 0
Robert Burns poet Verses Inscribed Under A Noble Earl's Picture by Robert Burns
WHOSE 1 is that noble, dauntless brow?
And whose that eye of fire?
0.00 0
Adam Lindsay Gordon poet Verses Inspired By 'My Old Black Pipe' by Adam Lindsay Gordon
Aye ! Many a sport old Homer names.
By Achilles held ' at his little games ',
0.00 0
Charlotte Smith poet Verses Iv by Charlotte Smith
On the Death of the same Lady, written in Sept. 1794.
LIKE a poor ghost the night I seek;
5.71 0
Alexander Pope poet Verses Left By Mr. Pope by Alexander Pope
With no poetic ardour fir'd
I press the bed where Wilmot lay;
5.50 0
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