Classical Poems

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Henry Lawson poet Victor by Henry Lawson
And his death came in December,
When our summer was aglow—
5.18 0
Henry Wadsworth Longfellow poet Victor Galbraith. (Birds Of Passage. Flight The First) by Henry Wadsworth Longfellow
Under the walls of Monterey
At daybreak the bugles began to play,
5.91 0
Henry Van Dyke poet Victor Hugo by Henry Van Dyke
Heart of France for a hundred years,
Passionate, sensitive, proud, and strong,
5.72 0
Tobias Barreto poet Victor Hugo by Tobias Barreto
0.00 0
Jose Asuncion Silva poet Víctor Hugo (Silva) by Jose Asuncion Silva
0.00 0
Kazi Nazrul Islam poet Victoress by Kazi Nazrul Islam
O my queen
Today at last I accept defeat
5.91 0
Alfred Austin poet Victoria by Alfred Austin
The lark went up, the mower whet his scythe,
On golden meads kine ruminating lay,
5.09 0
david bailey poet Victoria by david bailey Rookie - 0 Points
victoria beautiful yes sweet of course
smart no doubt friend you bet
0.00 1
George Essex Evans poet Victoria by George Essex Evans
White Star of Womanhood, whose rays
Thro’ years of peace and years of stress
5.09 0
Dorothy Parker poet Victoria by Dorothy Parker
Dear dead Victoria
Rotted cosily;
5.35 0
david bailey poet Victoria 2 by david bailey Rookie - 0 Points
i just cant see it what makes you sad
your beautiful and smart yet look so
0.00 0
James McIntyre poet Victoria Park And Caledonian Games by James McIntyre
Lines on the naming of Victoria Park, on Queen's Birthday,
1881. The ceremony was performed by Thomas Brown,
5.50 0
Sir Henry Newbolt poet Victoria Regina by Sir Henry Newbolt
A thousand years by sea and land
Our race hath served the island kings,
4.29 0
david bailey poet Victoria Something New by david bailey Rookie - 0 Points
she is absolutely positively beautiful
a dancing lady
0.00 0
Anonymous Americas poet Victories Of The Heart by Anonymous Americas
There's not a stately hall,
There's not a cottage fair,
4.43 0
Francis Joseph Sherman poet Victory by Francis Joseph Sherman
Because your strife and labor have been vain,
Ye who have striven, shall I forego, forget
0.00 0
Adrienne Rich poet Victory by Adrienne Rich
Something spreading underground won't speak to us
under skin won't declare itself
8.67 0
Rupert Brooke poet Victory by Rupert Brooke

All night the ways of Heaven were desolate,
5.59 0
Aline Murray Kilmer poet Victory by Aline Murray Kilmer
I SHEATH my sword. In mercy go.
Turn back from me your hopeless eyes,
0.00 0
Alfred Noyes poet Victory by Alfred Noyes
Before those golden altar-lights we stood,
5.50 0
Clive Staples Lewis poet Victory by Clive Staples Lewis
Roland is dead, Cuchulain's crest is low,
The battered war-rear wastes and turns to rust,
8.00 0
Madison Julius Cawein poet Victory by Madison Julius Cawein
They who take courage from their own defeat
Are victors too, no matter how much beat.
0.00 0
Henry Lawson poet Victory by Henry Lawson
The schools marched in procession in happiness and pride,
The city bands before them, the soldiers marched beside;
5.00 0
John Logan poet Victory Britannia -- From Runnamede, Final Lines by John Logan
Rapt into heaven,
0.00 0
Emily Dickinson poet Victory Comes Late by Emily Dickinson
Victory comes late—
5.50 0
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