Classical Poems

Poet Poem User Rating Comment Count
Casimiro de Abreu poet Violeta by Casimiro de Abreu
0.00 0
Sophus Niels Christen Claussen poet Vinterdag by Sophus Niels Christen Claussen
0.00 0
Johannes Carsten Hauch poet Vinteren by Johannes Carsten Hauch
0.00 0
Hans Vilhelm Kaalund poet Vinteren by Hans Vilhelm Kaalund
0.00 0
Johannes Ewald poet Vinteren, Et Fragment by Johannes Ewald
0.00 0
Sophus Niels Christen Claussen poet Vinterflora by Sophus Niels Christen Claussen
0.00 0
Sophus Niels Christen Claussen poet Vintergækker by Sophus Niels Christen Claussen
0.00 0
Erik Axel Karlfeldt poet Vinterhälsning by Erik Axel Karlfeldt
Möter du nordanvinden, karl,
då möter du sång och yra.
5.53 0
Christian Winther poet Vinterlandskab by Christian Winther
0.00 0
Viggo Stuckenberg poet Vinternat by Viggo Stuckenberg
5.50 0
Jeppe Aakjaer poet Vinterrugen by Jeppe Aakjaer
0.00 0
Albert Samain poet Viole by Albert Samain
5.50 0
Sri Chinmoy Ghose poet Violence by Sri Chinmoy Ghose
If you are a good man,
Then reject violence.
5.00 1
Ludvig Bodtcher poet Violerne by Ludvig Bodtcher
0.00 0
Adam Oehlenschläger poet Violerne by Adam Oehlenschläger
0.00 0
Makarand Paranjape poet Violet by Makarand Paranjape
She sat in her glass office
like a little bird in a cage,
0.00 0
Robert William Service poet Violet De Vere by Robert William Service
You've heard of Violet de Vere, strip-teaser of renown,
Whose sitting-base out-faired the face of any girl in town;
8.00 0
Conrad Potter Aiken poet Violet Moore And Bert Moore by Conrad Potter Aiken
He thinks her little feet should pass
Where dandelions star thickly grass;
5.93 0
Dinah Maria Mulock Craik poet Violets by Dinah Maria Mulock Craik
LET them lie, yes, let them lie,
6.08 0
Robert Laurence Binyon poet Violets by Robert Laurence Binyon
Violets, in what pleasant earth you grew
I know not, nor what heavenly moisture stole
0.00 0
George Meredith poet Violets by George Meredith
Violets, shy violets!
How many hearts with you compare!
5.32 0
Maurice Rollinat poet Violette by Maurice Rollinat
0.00 0
José Corazón de Jesús poet Violin by José Corazón de Jesús
5.50 0
Vladimir Vladimirovich Mayakovsky poet Violin And A Little Nervous by Vladimir Vladimirovich Mayakovsky
Violin was torn to pieces begging,
And then broke out in tears
5.50 1
Aline Murray Kilmer poet Violin Song by Aline Murray Kilmer
The thing that I am seeking
I know I shall not find;
6.99 0
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