Classical Poems

Poet Poem User Rating Comment Count
Louis Honoré Fréchette poet Vieille Histoire by Louis Honoré Fréchette
0.00 0
Paul Armand Silvestre poet Vieille Maison by Paul Armand Silvestre
0.00 0
Émile Nelligan poet Vieille Romanesque by Émile Nelligan
0.00 0
Amado Ruiz de Nervo poet Viejo Estribillo by Amado Ruiz de Nervo
¿Quién es esa sirena de la voz tan doliente,
de las carnes tan blancas, de la trenza tan bruna?
0.00 0
William Barnes poet Vields By Watervalls by William Barnes
When our downcast looks be smileless,
Under others' wrongs an' slightens,
6.33 0
Anton Wildgans poet Vielerlei Hab´ Ich Der Gäste by Anton Wildgans
0.00 0
Anton Wildgans poet Viellieber Freund by Anton Wildgans
0.00 0
Jean Antoine de Baif poet Vien Ça, Vien Friandelette by Jean Antoine de Baif
Vien ça, vien friandelette,
Vien qu'en esbas amoureux
0.00 0
Frank V. Gardner poet Vienna Civic Pride by Frank V. Gardner
The Old Dominion's largest town,
In Fairfax County lies:
9.25 0
Emile Verhaeren poet Viens Jusqu'À Notre Seuil Répandre by Emile Verhaeren
5.50 0
Emile Verhaeren poet Viens Lentement T'Asseoir by Emile Verhaeren
5.50 0
Jean Antoine de Baif poet Viens, Mort, À Mon Secours Viens by Jean Antoine de Baif
Viens, mort, à mon secours viens ;
Ô mort, secours, je t'en prie.
0.00 0
Maurice Rollinat poet Vierge Damnée by Maurice Rollinat
0.00 0
Edith Nesbit poet Vies Manquees by Edith Nesbit
A YEAR ago we walked the wood--
A year ago to-day;
5.34 0
Yevgeny Yevtushenko poet Vietnam Classic by Yevgeny Yevtushenko
The Vietnam classic
was a seventy-year-old child,
5.91 0
Theophile Gautier poet Vieux De La Vieille by Theophile Gautier
5.78 0
Louis Honoré Fréchette poet Vieux Souvenir by Louis Honoré Fréchette
0.00 0
Du Fu poet View From A Height by Du Fu
Sharp wind, towering sky, apes howling mournfully;
untouched island, white sand, birds flying in circles.
10.00 0
William Wordsworth poet View From The Top Of Black Comb by William Wordsworth
THIS Height a ministering Angel might select:
For from the summit of BLACK COMB (dread name
4.17 0
Thomas Campion poet View Me, Lord, A Work Of Thine by Thomas Campion
View me, Lord, a work of thine!
Shall I then lie downed in night?
5.50 0
Elizabeth Bishop poet View Of The Capitol From The Library Of Congress by Elizabeth Bishop
Moving from left to left, the light
is heavy on the Dome, and coarse.
5.79 0
Ho Xuan Huong poet Viewing Cac-Co Cavern by Ho Xuan Huong
Heaven and earth brought forth this rocky mass
its face cut by a deep crevasse
5.67 1
Li Bai poet Viewing Heaven's Gate Mountains by Li Bai
Heaven gate middle cut Chu River open
Green water east flow reach here turn
0.00 0
Anne Brontë poet Views Of Life by Anne Brontë
When sinks my heart in hopeless gloom,
And life can shew no joy for me;
6.31 1
Bernhard Severin Ingemann poet Vift Stolt Paa Codans Bølge by Bernhard Severin Ingemann
0.00 0
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