Classical Poems

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Stefan Anton George poet Visit by Stefan Anton George
Sun with a mellower fall
Plot of your garden edges,
0.00 0
Erasmus Darwin poet Visit Of Hope To Sydney Cove, Near Botany Bay by Erasmus Darwin
Where Sydney Cove her lucid bosom swells,
And with wide arms the indignant storm repels;
5.50 0
Bruce Beaver poet Visitation by Bruce Beaver
He’ll come back to you in the darkest night
shambling, robust still, not a little noisome.
3.00 0
John Keble poet Visitation And Communion Of The Sick by John Keble
O Youth and Joy, your airy tread
Too lightly springs by Sorrow's bed,
5.85 0
Gabriel Vicaire poet Visite Après Boire by Gabriel Vicaire
0.00 0
Marge Piercy poet Visiting A Dead Man On A Summer Day by Marge Piercy
In flat America, in Chicago,
Graceland cemetery on the German North Side.
5.38 1
Li Po poet Visiting A Taoist On Tiatien Mountain by Li Po
Amongst bubbling streams
a dog barks; peach blossom
5.33 3
Meng Haoran poet Visiting An Old Friend On His Farm by Meng Haoran
Old friend prepare chicken millet
Invite me to farm house
0.00 0
Leo Yankevich poet Visiting My Dead Grandmother's Cottage With My Father In T.. by Leo Yankevich Rookie
Visiting her cottage I remember ripe ears of corn,
drawers full of bent knives, mouldy crusts of pumpernickel bread,
6.54 1
Jia Dao poet Visiting The Absent Hermit by Jia Dao
Beneath the pine-trees, I ask of a lad I see.
Away is the master gathering herbs, says he,
5.62 0
Kobayashi Issa poet Visiting The Graves by Kobayashi Issa
Visiting the graves,
the old dog
6.81 1
Bai Juyi poet Visiting The Hsi-Lin Temple by Bai Juyi
I dismount from my horse at the Hsi-Lin Temple;
I hurry forward, speeding with light cane.
5.50 0
Li Bai poet Visiting The Taoist Priest Dai Tianshan But Not Finding Him by Li Bai
Dog bark water sound in
Peach blossom bring rain thick
0.00 0
Su Shi poet Visiting The Temple Of Auspicious Fortune Alone On Winter .. by Su Shi
Well bottom deep warmth return not return
Sighing cold rain wet withered root
0.00 0
Su Shi poet Visiting The Temple Of The God Of Mercy On A Rainy Day by Su Shi
Silkworm grow old
Wheat half yellow
0.00 0
William Ernest Henley poet Visitor by William Ernest Henley
Her little face is like a walnut shell
With wrinkling lines; her soft, white hair adorns
4.88 0
Louise Gluck poet Visitors from Abroad by Louise Gluck
Sometime after I had entered
that time of   life
8.00 0
Elizabeth Bishop poet Visits To St Elizabeths by Elizabeth Bishop
This is the house of Bedlam.
This is the man
6.04 0
Walt Whitman poet Visor'D by Walt Whitman

A MASK--a perpetual natural disguiser of herself,
6.50 0
B. R. Dionysius poet Visy Recycling Memorandum, 2003. by B. R. Dionysius
This unwanted cornucopia - nickel-plated pears, bananas, grapes, apples,
0.00 0
Louise Gluck poet Vita Nova by Louise Gluck
You saved me, you should remember me.
The spring of the year; young men buying tickets for the ferryboats.
0.00 0
Oscar Wilde poet Vita Nuova by Oscar Wilde
I STOOD by the unvintageable sea
Till the wet waves drenched face and hair with spray,
6.10 0
Ernest Christopher Dowson poet Vitae Summa Brevis Spem Nos Vetat Incohare Longam by Ernest Christopher Dowson
They are not long, the weeping and the laughter,
Love and desire and hate:
6.23 0
Sir Henry Newbolt poet Vitaï Lampada by Sir Henry Newbolt
There's a breathless hush in the Close to-night --
Ten to make and the match to win --
7.45 5
Guillaume Apollinaire poet Vitam Impendere Amori by Guillaume Apollinaire
(Vitam Impendere Amori: To Threaten Life for Love)
Love is dead within your arms
5.91 0
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