Classical Poems

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Alfonsina Storni poet What Would They Say? by Alfonsina Storni
What would the people say, reduced and empty,
If one fortuitous day, by some extreme fantasy,
0.00 0
Erica Jong poet What You Need To Be A Writer by Erica Jong
After the college
5.50 0
Isaac Watts poet Whatever Brawls Disturb The Street by Isaac Watts
Once there was a little boy,
With curly hair and pleasant eye—
0.00 1
Philip Larkin poet Whatever Happened? by Philip Larkin
At once whatever happened starts receding.
Panting, and back on board, we line the rail
1.00 0
Ayyappa Paniker poet Whatever Happened? by Ayyappa Paniker
What happened?
To the land of Oedipus tragedy is nothing new.
5.50 0
Ella Wheeler Wilcox poet Whatever Is - Is Best by Ella Wheeler Wilcox
I know as my life grows older,
And mine eyes have clearer sight,
4.76 3
Shel Silverstein poet Whatif by Shel Silverstein
Last night, while I lay thinking here,
some Whatifs crawled inside my ear
5.39 0
david bailey poet Whats Going On David by david bailey Rookie - 0 Points
yo son whats really good
you nervous your stuck
0.00 0
Anne Sexton poet What's That by Anne Sexton
Before it came inside
I had watched it from my kitchen window,
5.61 0
Giuseppe Gioacchino Belli poet What's The Pope Do? by Giuseppe Gioacchino Belli
What's the pope do? Drinks, and takes a nap;
looks out the window, has a bite to eat,
7.00 0
Henry David Thoreau poet What's The Railroad To Me? by Henry David Thoreau
What's the railroad to me?
I never go to see
6.80 1
Paul Laurence Dunbar poet What's The Use by Paul Laurence Dunbar
WHAT'S the use o' folks a-frownin'
When the way's a little rough?
5.29 0
Charles Bukowski poet Whats The Use Of A Title? by Charles Bukowski
They don't make it
the beautiful die in flame-
6.10 3
Ogden Nash poet What's The Use? by Ogden Nash
Sure, deck your limbs in pants,
Yours are the limbs, my sweeting.
5.76 0
Clarence Michael James Stanislaus Dennis poet Wheat by Clarence Michael James Stanislaus Dennis
'Sowin' things an' growin' things, an' watchin' of 'em grow;
That's the game,' my father said, an' father ought to know.
5.50 0
John Boyle O'Reilly poet Wheat Grains by John Boyle O'Reilly
AS grains from chaff, I sift these worldly rules,
Kernels of wisdom, from the husks of schools:
5.50 0
John Kinsella poet Wheatbelt Gothic Or Discovering A Wyeth by John Kinsella
Outflanked by the sheep run, wild oats
dry and riotous, barbed wire bleeding rust
0.00 0
Robert William Service poet Wheels by Robert William Service
Since I am sick of Wheels
That jar my day,
6.00 0
Ella Wheeler Wilcox poet When by Ella Wheeler Wilcox
I dwell in the western inland,
Afar from the sounding sea,
4.75 0
George William Russell poet When by George William Russell
WHEN mine hour is come
Let no teardropp fall
5.50 0
Edward George Dyson poet When Beauty Is Bald by Edward George Dyson
I’ve sung of Honor’s golden hair
And Hero’s auburn tresses,
5.60 0
Paul Laurence Dunbar poet When A Feller's Itching To Be Spanked by Paul Laurence Dunbar
W'EN us fellers stomp around, makin' lots o' noise,
Gramma says, 'There's certain times comes to little boys
5.50 0
Edgar Albert Guest poet When A Little Baby Dies by Edgar Albert Guest
When a little baby dies
And the wee form silent lies,
0.00 0
Percy Bysshe Shelley poet When A Lover Clasps His Fairest by Percy Bysshe Shelley
When a lover clasps his fairest,
5.53 0
William Schwenck Gilbert poet When A Merry Maiden Marries by William Schwenck Gilbert
When a merry maiden marries,
Sorrow goes and pleasure tarries;
5.51 1
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