Classical Poems

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Vachel Lindsay poet When Bryan Speaks by Vachel Lindsay
When Bryan speaks, the town's a hive.
From miles around, the autos drive.
5.58 0
Henry Austin Dobson poet When Burbadge Played by Henry Austin Dobson
WhenN Burbadge played, the stage was bare
Of fount and temple, tower and stair;
0.00 0
Katharine Lee Bates poet When Cap'N Tom Comes Home by Katharine Lee Bates
WHEN Cap'n Tom comes home, and his sea chest
Is opened, oh, the shells that rainbow foam
4.76 0
Anonymous Americas poet When Christ Was Born Of Mary Fre by Anonymous Americas
Christo paremus canticam,
In excelsis gloria.
4.27 0
Virna Sheard poet When Christmas Comes by Virna Sheard
For thee, my small one--trinkets and new toys,
The wine of life and all its keenest joys,
0.00 0
John Wilbye poet When Cloris Heard by John Wilbye
When Cloris heard of her Amyntas dying,
She grieved then for her unkind denying:
0.00 0
Dame Edith Louisa Sitwell poet When Cold December by Dame Edith Louisa Sitwell
WHEN cold December
Froze to grisamber
6.38 2
Thomas Moore poet When Cold In The Earth by Thomas Moore
When cold in the earth lies the friend thou hast loved,
Be his faults and his follies forgot by thee then;
5.40 0
George Gordon Byron poet When Coldness Wraps This Suffering Clay by George Gordon Byron
When coldness wraps this suffering clay,
Ah! whither strays the immortal mind?
5.41 0
Bjørnstjerne Bjørnson poet When Comes The Morning? by Bjørnstjerne Bjørnson
comes the real morning?
5.50 0
Rasul Mir poet When Count Is Taken Of Thy Braids by Rasul Mir
When count is taken of thy braids,
lacs of fortnights it'll take.
0.00 0
Banjo Paterson poet When Dacey Rode The Mule by Banjo Paterson
’TWAS to a small, up-country town,
When we were boys at school,
5.62 0
Claude McKay poet When Dawn Comes To The City by Claude McKay
The tired cars go grumbling by,
The moaning, groaning cars,
5.65 1
Rabindranath Tagore poet When Day Is Done by Rabindranath Tagore
If the day is done,
if birds sing no more,
6.04 3
Edgar Albert Guest poet When Day Is Done by Edgar Albert Guest
When day is done and the night slips down,
And I've turned my back on the busy town,
10.00 0
Lesbia Harford poet When Day Is Over by Lesbia Harford
When day is over
I climb up the stair,
4.68 0
Paul Laurence Dunbar poet When De Co'N Pone's Hot by Paul Laurence Dunbar
Dey is times in life when Nature
Seems to slip a cog an' go,
6.00 0
James Whitcomb Riley poet When De Folks Is Gone by James Whitcomb Riley
What dat scratchin' at de kitchin do'?
Done heah'n dat foh an hour er mo'!
5.51 0
Robert Bridges poet When Death To Either Shall Come by Robert Bridges
WHEN Death to either shall come,--
   I pray it be first to me,--
0.00 0
Robert Seymour Bridges poet When Death To Either Shall Come by Robert Seymour Bridges
When Death to either shall come,—
I pray it be first to me,—
5.00 0
Paul Laurence Dunbar poet When Dey 'Listed Colored Soldiers by Paul Laurence Dunbar
Dey was talkin' in de cabin, dey was talkin' in de hall;
But I listened kin' o' keerless, not a-t'inkin' 'bout it all;
5.50 0
Emily Dickinson poet When Diamonds Are A Legend by Emily Dickinson
When Diamonds are a Legend,
0.00 1
Henry Howard poet When Each Thing, Save The Lover In Spring, Reviveth To Ple.. by Henry Howard
WHEN Windsor walls sustain'd my wearied arm ;
My hand my chin, to ease my restless head ;
0.00 0
Peter Boyle poet When Eagles Pause To Talk With Your Sleeping Body by Peter Boyle
When you wake again
the donkey will be standing idly in the road,
3.00 0
James Whitcomb Riley poet When Early March Seems Middle May by James Whitcomb Riley
When country roads begin to thaw
In mottled spots of damp and dust,
5.45 0
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