Classical Poems

Poet Poem User Rating Comment Count
Anna de Noailles poet Vivre, Permanente Surprise! by Anna de Noailles
0.00 0
John Le Gay Brereton poet Vixit by John Le Gay Brereton
Nurse not your grief, nor make obsequious moan
When I have shed this flesh I love so well,
6.00 0
Edmund Blunden poet Vlamertinghe: Passing The Chateau by Edmund Blunden
And all her silken flanks with garlands drest -
But we are coming to the sacrifice.
9.00 1
Ahmed Nadeem Qasmi poet Vo Ko_Ii Aur Na Thaa Chand Khushk Patte The by Ahmed Nadeem Qasmi
0.00 0
Majaz Lucknawi poet Vo Nau-Khez Nuura, Vo Ek Bint-E-Maryam by Majaz Lucknawi
0.00 0
Thomas Campion poet Vobiscum Est Iope by Thomas Campion
WHEN thou must home to shades of underground,
And there arrived, a new admired guest,
5.42 0
Albert Samain poet Vocation by Albert Samain
5.50 0
Rabindranath Tagore poet Vocation by Rabindranath Tagore
When the gong sounds ten in the morning and I walk to school by our
5.91 4
Charles Cros poet Vocation by Charles Cros
0.00 0
Hiren Bhattacharyya poet Vogali by Hiren Bhattacharyya
5.50 0
Holger Drachmann poet Vogt Paa Dit Øje by Holger Drachmann
0.00 0
Hans Vilhelm Kaalund poet Vogterdrengen by Hans Vilhelm Kaalund
0.00 0
John Greenleaf Whittier poet Voice Of New England by John Greenleaf Whittier
UP the hillside, down the glen,
Rouse the sleeping citizen;
10.00 1
Ella Wheeler Wilcox poet Voice Of The Voiceless by Ella Wheeler Wilcox
I am the Voice of the Voiceless
Through me the dumb shall speak
6.32 10
Rupert Brooke poet Voice, The by Rupert Brooke
Safe in the magic of my woods
I lay, and watched the dying light.
5.22 0
Victor James Daley poet Voices by Victor James Daley
Tjere are three mighty Voices that always
Cry out to God to speed His Judgment Day.
4.92 0
Victor Daley poet Voices by Victor Daley
There are three mighty Voices that alway
Cry out to God to speed His Judgment Day.
0.00 0
Stephen Crane poet Voices by Stephen Crane
EACH small gleam was a voice
-A lantern voice-
5.42 0
Walt Whitman poet Voices by Walt Whitman

NOW I make a leaf of Voices--for I have found nothing mightier than
8.00 0
Sharon Olds poet Voices by Sharon Olds
(for Lucille)
Our voices race to the towers, and up beyond
5.53 1
Constantine P. Cavafy poet Voices by Constantine P. Cavafy
Ideal and beloved voices
of those who are dead, or of those
6.03 0
Madison Julius Cawein poet Voices by Madison Julius Cawein
When blood-root blooms and trillium flowers
Unclasp their stars to sun and rain,
0.00 0
Sir Philip Sidney poet Voices At The Window by Sir Philip Sidney
Who is it that, this dark night,
Underneath my window plaineth?
6.47 0
James Merrill poet Voices From The Other World by James Merrill
Presently at our touch the teacup stirred,
Then circled lazily about
6.38 3
Archibald Lampman poet Voices Of Earth by Archibald Lampman
We have not heard the music of the spheres,
The song of star to star, but there are sounds
5.51 0
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