Classical Poems

Poet Poem User Rating Comment Count
James Joyce poet What Counsel Has The Hooded Moon by James Joyce
What counsel has the hooded moon
Put in thy heart, my shyly sweet,
10.00 0
Edgar Albert Guest poet What Counts by Edgar Albert Guest
It isn't the money you're making,
it isn't the clothes you wear,
0.00 0
Louis McKee poet What Cowboys Know About Love by Louis McKee
Last night on the sports channel
I watched the rodeo.
5.65 1
Delmore Schwartz poet What Curious Dresses All Men Wear by Delmore Schwartz
What curious dresses all men wear!
The walker you met in a brown study,
5.18 0
Emily Dickinson poet What Did They Do Since I Saw Them? by Emily Dickinson
What did They do since I saw Them?
10.00 0
Sara Teasdale poet What Do I Care? by Sara Teasdale
What do I care, in the dreams and the languor of spring,
That my songs do not show me at all?
5.57 0
Angela Davis poet What Do I Know by Angela Davis Rookie
What do I know
What can I know
10.00 1
Archibald Lampman poet What Do Poets Want With Gold? by Archibald Lampman
What do poets want with gold,
Cringing slaves and cushioned ease;
5.59 0
Anna Laetitia Barbauld poet What Do The Futures Speak Of? by Anna Laetitia Barbauld
They speak of never-withering shades,
5.82 0
Christina Georgina Rossetti poet What Do The Stars Do by Christina Georgina Rossetti
What do the stars do
Up in the sky,
6.00 0
Henry Abbey poet What Do We Plant? by Henry Abbey
What do we plant when we plant the tree?
We plant the ship, which will cross the sea.
0.00 0
Richard Jones poet What Do You Do About Dry Periods In Your Writing? by Richard Jones
When the writing is going well,
I am a prince in a desert palace,
5.50 0
Elizabeth poet What Do You See? by Elizabeth Rookie
When you look at me,
What do you see?
5.50 0
Czeslaw Milosz poet What Does It Mean by Czeslaw Milosz
It does not know it glitters
It does not know it flies
9.60 0
Habib Jalib poet What Does Pakistan Mean? by Habib Jalib
Bread, clothes and medicine
A little house to live in
5.91 1
Christina Georgina Rossetti poet What Does The Bee Do? by Christina Georgina Rossetti
What does the bee do?
Bring home honey.
5.50 0
Christina Georgina Rossetti poet What Does The Donkey Bray About? by Christina Georgina Rossetti
What does the donkey bray about?
What does the pig grunt through his snout?
1.00 0
Joseph Skipsey poet What Else by Joseph Skipsey
'YOU little like the sonnet? You?
But what are you? a creaking wicket;
0.00 0
Edgar Albert Guest poet What Father Knows by Edgar Albert Guest
My father knows the proper way
The nation should be run;
0.00 0
Rainer Maria Rilke poet What Fields Are As Fragrant As Your Hands? by Rainer Maria Rilke
What fields are as fragrant as your hands?
You feel how external fragrance stands
6.28 0
Robert Frost poet What Fifty Said.. by Robert Frost
When I was young my teachers were the old.
I gave up fire for form till I was cold.
6.07 1
Matsuo Basho poet What Fish Feel by Matsuo Basho
What fish feel,
birds feel, I don't know--
5.27 1
Franklin P. Adams poet What Flavour? by Franklin P. Adams
Horace: Book III, Ode 13
"O fons BandisiƦ, splendidior vitro---"
5.51 0
Walt Whitman poet What General Has A Good Army by Walt Whitman
WHAT General has a good army in himself, has a good army;
He happy in himself, or she happy in herself, is happy,
8.00 0
Anne Bradstreet poet What God Is Like To Him I Serve by Anne Bradstreet
What God is like to him I serve,
What Saviour like to mine?
5.18 0
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