Classical Poems

Poet Poem User Rating Comment Count
Emily Dickinson poet We Play At Paste, by Emily Dickinson
We play at paste,
Till qualified for pearl,
10.00 0
Emily Dickinson poet We Pray&Mdash;To Heaven by Emily Dickinson
We pray—to Heaven—
6.33 0
Sappho poet We Put The Urn Abord Ship by Sappho
We put the urn aboard ship
with this inscription:
5.57 0
Gwendolyn Brooks poet We Real Cool by Gwendolyn Brooks
The Pool Players.
Seven at the Golden Shovel.
8.16 38
Benjamin Zephaniah poet We Refugees by Benjamin Zephaniah
I come from a musical place
Where they shoot me for my song
6.03 4
George Gordon Byron poet We Sate Down And Wept By The Waters by George Gordon Byron
We sate down and wept by the waters
5.91 0
Emily Dickinson poet We See&Mdash;Comparatively by Emily Dickinson
We see—Comparatively—
10.00 0
Sappho poet We Shall Enjoy It by Sappho
We shall enjoy it
as for him who finds
5.68 1
Faiz Ahmed Faiz poet We Shall See by Faiz Ahmed Faiz
We shall see
Certainly we, too, shall see
5.58 1
William Ernest Henley poet We Shall Surely Die by William Ernest Henley
We shall surely die:
Must we needs grow old?
5.17 1
Yevgeny Yevtushenko poet We Should Be Stingier by Yevgeny Yevtushenko
We should be stingier
breathing out and breathing in-
5.50 0
Emily Dickinson poet We Should Not Mind So Small A Flower by Emily Dickinson
We should not mind so small a flower—
0.00 0
Kishwar Naheed poet We Sinful Women by Kishwar Naheed
It is we sinful women
who are not awed by the grandeur of those who wear gowns
5.50 0
Augustus Montague Toplady poet We Sing To Thee, Thou Son Of God by Augustus Montague Toplady
We sing to Thee, Thou Son of God,
Fountain of life and grace;
5.50 0
Richard Brautigan poet We Stopped At Perfect Days by Richard Brautigan
We stopped at perfect days
and got out of the car.
8.71 0
Edna St. Vincent Millay poet We Talk Of Taxes... by Edna St. Vincent Millay
We talk of taxes, and I call you friend;
Well, such you are, -- but well enough we know
6.21 1
Emily Dickinson poet We Talked As Girls Do by Emily Dickinson
We talked as Girls do—
0.00 0
Edward William Thomson poet We Talked Of Lincoln by Edward William Thomson
WE talked of Abraham Lincoln in the night,
Ten fur-coat men on North Saskatchewan’s plain—
0.00 0
Sayeed Abubakar poet We The Lovers by Sayeed Abubakar Gold Star - 6,807 Points
The more a fish enters into the depth of water,
the more it feels happy.
7.00 0
Emily Dickinson poet We Thirst At First—'Tis Nature's Act by Emily Dickinson
We thirst at first—'tis Nature's Act—
0.00 0
James Whitcomb Riley poet We To Sigh Instead Of Sing by James Whitcomb Riley
"Rain and Rain! and rain and rain!"
Yesterday we muttered
5.00 1
Wystan Hugh Auden poet We Too Had Known Golden Hours by Wystan Hugh Auden
We, too, had known golden hours
When body and soul were in tune,
9.00 0
Archibald Lampman poet We Too Shall Sleep by Archibald Lampman
Not, not for thee,
Belovèd child, the burning grasp of life
5.71 0
Paul Eluard poet We Two by Paul Eluard
We two take each other by the hand
We believe everywhere in our house
8.00 0
Walt Whitman poet We Two Boys Together Clinging by Walt Whitman

WE two boys together clinging,
6.83 0
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