Classical Poems

Poet Poem User Rating Comment Count
Raoul Ponchon poet Vive L'Eau by Raoul Ponchon
0.00 0
Jean Lorrain poet Viviane by Jean Lorrain
5.50 0
Sir Henry Newbolt poet Vitaï Lampada by Sir Henry Newbolt
There's a breathless hush in the Close to-night—
Ten to make and the match to win—
7.45 5
Guillaume Apollinaire poet Vitam Impendere Amori by Guillaume Apollinaire
(Vitam Impendere Amori: To Threaten Life for Love)
Love is dead within your arms
5.91 0
Kenneth Rexroth poet Vitamins And Roughage by Kenneth Rexroth
Strong ankled, sun burned, almost naked,
The daughters of California
5.06 0
Augosto dos Anjos poet Vítima Do Dualismo by Augosto dos Anjos
0.00 0
Anonymous poet Vitipuration Falls by Anonymous
Have you ever heard the torrent of abuse
As it curses it's way to Vitipuration Falls
5.63 1
Laurent Tailhade poet Vitrail by Laurent Tailhade
5.78 0
Nicolaj Frederik Severin Grundtvig poet Vittenberg by Nicolaj Frederik Severin Grundtvig
0.00 0
Henry Wadsworth Longfellow poet Vittoria Colonna by Henry Wadsworth Longfellow
Once more, once more, Inarimé,
I see thy purple hills!--once more
5.91 0
Archibald Lampman poet Viva Perpetua by Archibald Lampman
Now being on the eve of death, discharged
From every mortal hope and earthly care,
5.61 0
Edwin James Brady poet Vive Anarchy by Edwin James Brady
With the lifting of the curtain,
Distance, dim, but grimly certain,
4.61 2
Hégésippe Moreau poet Vive La Beauté by Hégésippe Moreau
0.00 0
Hégésippe Moreau poet Vive Le Roi by Hégésippe Moreau
0.00 0
Alan Seeger poet Vivien by Alan Seeger
Her eyes under their lashes were blue pools
Fringed round with lilies; her bright hair unfurled
5.50 0
Robert Fuller Murray poet Vivien’s Song by Robert Fuller Murray
at the l.l.a. examination
In Algebra, if Algebra be ours,
5.58 0
Emile Verhaeren poet Vivons, Dans Notre Amour Et Notre Ardeur by Emile Verhaeren
5.50 0
Joachim du Bellay poet Vivons, Gordes, Vivons, Vivons, Et Pour Le Bruit by Joachim du Bellay
Vivons, Gordes, vivons, vivons, et pour le bruit
Des vieillards ne laissons à faire bonne chère :
5.50 0
Anna de Noailles poet Vivre, Permanente Surprise! by Anna de Noailles
0.00 0
John Le Gay Brereton poet Vixit by John Le Gay Brereton
Nurse not your grief, nor make obsequious moan
When I have shed this flesh I love so well,
6.00 0
Edmund Blunden poet Vlamertinghe: Passing The Chateau by Edmund Blunden
And all her silken flanks with garlands drest -
But we are coming to the sacrifice.
9.00 1
Ahmed Nadeem Qasmi poet Vo Ko_Ii Aur Na Thaa Chand Khushk Patte The by Ahmed Nadeem Qasmi
0.00 0
Majaz Lucknawi poet Vo Nau-Khez Nuura, Vo Ek Bint-E-Maryam by Majaz Lucknawi
0.00 0
Thomas Campion poet Vobiscum Est Iope by Thomas Campion
WHEN thou must home to shades of underground,
And there arrived, a new admired guest,
5.42 0
Albert Samain poet Vocation by Albert Samain
5.50 0
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