Classical Poems

Poet Poem User Rating Comment Count
Rajendra Shukla poet Vriksha by Rajendra Shukla
0.00 0
Naresh Mehta poet Vrikshtw by Naresh Mehta
0.00 0
Joachim du Bellay poet Vu Le Soin Ménager Dont Travaillé Je Suis by Joachim du Bellay
Vu le soin ménager dont travaillé je suis,
Vu l'importun souci qui sans fin me tourmente,
5.50 0
Pierre de Ronsard poet Vu Que Tu Es Plus Blanche by Pierre de Ronsard
10.00 2
Charles Cros poet Vue Sur La Cour by Charles Cros
0.00 0
Holger Drachmann poet Vug, O Vove by Holger Drachmann
0.00 0
William De Witt Snodgrass poet Vuillard: “the Mother And Sister Of The Artist” by William De Witt Snodgrass
(Instructions for the Visit)
Admire, when you come here, the glimmering hair
8.00 0
Anacreon poet Vulcan! Hear Your Glorious Task by Anacreon Rookie
Vulcan! hear your glorious task;
I do not from your labours ask
0.00 0
John Lyly poet Vulcan's Song: In Making Of The Arrows by John Lyly
MY shag-hair Cyclops, come, let's ply
Our Lemnian hammers lustily.
5.30 0
William Barnes poet Vull A Man by William Barnes
No, I’m a man, I’m vull a man,
You beat my manhood, if you can.
5.35 0
Raimundo Correia poet Vulnus by Raimundo Correia
0.00 0
Robinson Jeffers poet Vulture by Robinson Jeffers
I had walked since dawn and lay down to rest on a bare hillside
Above the ocean. I saw through half-shut eyelids a vulture wheeling
6.15 8
Padraic Colum poet Vultures by Padraic Colum
FOUL-FEATHERED and scald-necked,
They sit in evil state;
5.69 0
Helal Hafiz poet Vumihin Krishoker Gan by Helal Hafiz
0.00 0
Bhawani Prasad Mishra poet Vyaktigata by Bhawani Prasad Mishra
0.00 0
Edgar Lee Masters poet W. Lloyd Garrison Standard by Edgar Lee Masters
Vegetarian, non-resistant, free-thinker, in ethics a Christian;
Orator apt at the rhine-stone rhythm of Ingersoll.
4.78 0
Eugene Marais poet Waar Tebes In Die Stil Woestyn by Eugene Marais
Daar sou ek vrede weer besef
Waar Tebes in die stil woestyn
0.00 0
Albert Rodenbach poet Waarheid by Albert Rodenbach
0.00 0
Joseph Christian Freiherr von Zedlitz poet Wacher Traum by Joseph Christian Freiherr von Zedlitz
0.00 0
Laurence Overmire poet Wade In The Wave by Laurence Overmire Rookie - 485 Points
Every stone I cast
on water ripples
10.00 4
Paul Laurence Dunbar poet Wadin' In De Crick by Paul Laurence Dunbar
DAYS git wa'm and wa'mah,
School gits mighty dull,
4.75 0
Rahat Indori poet Wafa Ko Aazmana Chahiye Tha Hamara Dil Dukhana Chahiye Tha by Rahat Indori
5.38 4
Mohsin Naqvi poet Wafa Mein Ab Yeh Hunar Ikhtiyaar Karna Hai by Mohsin Naqvi
0.00 0
Norman Rowland Gale poet Wages by Norman Rowland Gale
My lass, when God
to suffer sent me,
5.50 0
Sir Henry Newbolt poet Waggon Hill by Sir Henry Newbolt
Drake in the North Sea grimly prowling,
Treading his dear _Revenge's_ deck,
6.13 0
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