Classical Poems

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Henry Herbert Knibbs poet Walking John by Henry Herbert Knibbs
Walkin' John was a big rope-hoss, from over Morongo way;
When you laid your twine on a ragin' steer, old John was there to stay.
0.00 0
Howard Nemerov poet Walking The Dog by Howard Nemerov
Two universes mosey down the street
Connected by love and a leash and nothing else.
6.26 0
Li He poet Walking Through The South Mountain Fields by Li He
The autumn wilds bright,
Autumn wind white.
0.00 0
Erica Jong poet Walking Through The Upper East Side by Erica Jong
All over the district, on leather couches
& brocade couches, on daybeds
5.55 0
William Stafford poet Walking West by William Stafford
Anyone with quiet pace who
walks a gray road in the West
0.00 0
William Cowper poet Walking With God by William Cowper
(Genesis, v.24)
Oh! for a closer walk with God,
4.64 0
John Newton poet Walking With God by John Newton
By faith in Christ I walk with God,
With heav'n, my journeys'-end, in view;
5.12 0
Shakti Chattopadhay poet Walks Behind, Remains Remote by Shakti Chattopadhay
He walks behind me, from a polite distance,
Keeping his eye on me. I try to hide in a crowd;
0.00 0
Lola Ridge poet Wall Street At Night by Lola Ridge
Long vast shapes… cooled and flushed through with darkness….
Lidless windows
5.55 0
Alan Dugan poet Wall, Cave, And Pillar Statements, After Asoka by Alan Dugan
In order to perfect all readers
the statements should he carved
5.57 0
Banjo Paterson poet Wallabi Joe by Banjo Paterson
The saddle was hung on the stockyard rail,
And the poor old horse stood whisking his tail,
0.00 0
Edgar Lee Masters poet Wallace Ferguson by Edgar Lee Masters
There at Geneva where Mt. Blanc floated above
The wine-hued lake like a cloud, when a breeze was blown
5.27 0
David Wagoner poet Wallace Stevens On His Way To Work by David Wagoner
He would leave early and walk slowly
     As if balancing books           
6.00 4
Robert William Service poet Wallflower by Robert William Service
Till midnight her needle she plied
To finish her pretty pink dress;
9.00 0
Anne Sexton poet Wallflower by Anne Sexton
Come friend,
I have an old story to tell you—
5.50 0
Constantine P. Cavafy poet Walls by Constantine P. Cavafy
With no consideration, no pity, no shame,
they have built walls around me, thick and high.
5.91 0
Makarand Paranjape poet Walls by Makarand Paranjape
In the sultry darkened hotel room
I lost my innocence.
0.00 0
Robert Laurence Binyon poet Walnut—leaf Scent by Robert Laurence Binyon
In the high leaves of a walnut,
On the very topmost boughs,
0.00 0
Edwin Arlington Robinson poet Walt Whitman by Edwin Arlington Robinson
The master-songs are ended, and the man
That sang them is a name. And so is God
5.50 0
James McIntyre poet Walt Whitman by James McIntyre
For erratic style he leads van,
Wildly, wayward Walt Whitman.
5.50 0
Louis Simpson poet Walt Whitman at Bear Mountain by Louis Simpson
. . . life which does not give the preference to any other life, of any
previous period, which therefore prefers i
0.00 0
David Ignatow poet Walt Whitman In The Civil War Hospitals by David Ignatow
Prescient, my hands soothing
their foreheads, by my love
0.00 1
Walt Whitman poet Walt Whitman's Caution by Walt Whitman

TO The States, or any one of them, or any city of The States,
6.75 0
Robert Bloomfield poet Walter And Jane: Or, The Poor Blacksmith by Robert Bloomfield
_A Country Tale._
Bright was the summer sky, the Mornings gay,
0.00 0
Dorothy Parker poet Walter Savage Landor by Dorothy Parker
Upon the work of Walter Landor
I am unfit to write with candor.
5.27 0
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