Classical Poems

Poet Poem User Rating Comment Count
Madison Julius Cawein poet Voyagers by Madison Julius Cawein
Where are they, that song and tale
Tell of? lands our childhood knew?
0.00 0
Philip Levine poet Voyages by Philip Levine
Pond snipe, bleached pine, rue weed, wart --
I walk by sedge and brown river rot
5.58 0
Harold Hart Crane poet Voyages I by Harold Hart Crane
Above the fresh ruffles of the surf
8.88 2
Harold Hart Crane poet Voyages Ii by Harold Hart Crane
--And yet this great wink of eternity,
Of rimless floods, unfettered leewardings,
8.00 0
Harold Hart Crane poet Voyages Iii by Harold Hart Crane
Infinite consanguinity it bears
This tendered theme of you that light
9.50 0
Harold Hart Crane poet Voyages Iv by Harold Hart Crane
Whose counted smile of hours and days, suppose
I know as spectrum of the sea and pledge
9.00 0
Harold Hart Crane poet Voyages V by Harold Hart Crane
Meticulous, past midnight in clear rime,
Infrangible and lonely, smooth as though cast
9.00 0
Harold Hart Crane poet Voyages Vi by Harold Hart Crane
Where icy and bright dungeons lift
Of swimmers their lost morning eyes,
9.50 0
Joachim du Bellay poet Voyant L'Ambition, L'Envie, Et L'Avarice, by Joachim du Bellay
Voyant l'ambition, l'envie, et l'avarice,
La rancune, l'orgueil, le désir aveuglé,
5.50 0
Antoine-Marin Lemierre poet Voyelles by Antoine-Marin Lemierre
5.50 0
Guillaume de Lorris poet Voyelles by Guillaume de Lorris
0.00 0
Al Mahmud poet Voyer Chote by Al Mahmud
0.00 0
Augosto dos Anjos poet Vozes Da Morte by Augosto dos Anjos
0.00 0
Antonio de Castro Alves poet Vozes D'África by Antonio de Castro Alves
0.00 0
Augosto dos Anjos poet Vozes De Um Túmulo by Augosto dos Anjos
7.00 0
John Skelton poet Vppon A Deedmans Hed by John Skelton
[Skelton Laureat vppon a deedmans hed that was sent to hym from an honorable Ientyll-woman for a token Deuysyd this gostly medytacyon in Englysh Couen
5.50 0
Rajendra Shukla poet Vriksha by Rajendra Shukla
0.00 0
Naresh Mehta poet Vrikshtw by Naresh Mehta
0.00 0
Joachim du Bellay poet Vu Le Soin Ménager Dont Travaillé Je Suis by Joachim du Bellay
Vu le soin ménager dont travaillé je suis,
Vu l'importun souci qui sans fin me tourmente,
5.50 0
Pierre de Ronsard poet Vu Que Tu Es Plus Blanche by Pierre de Ronsard
10.00 2
Charles Cros poet Vue Sur La Cour by Charles Cros
0.00 0
Holger Drachmann poet Vug, O Vove by Holger Drachmann
0.00 0
William De Witt Snodgrass poet Vuillard: “the Mother And Sister Of The Artist” by William De Witt Snodgrass
(Instructions for the Visit)
Admire, when you come here, the glimmering hair
8.00 0
Anacreon poet Vulcan! Hear Your Glorious Task by Anacreon Rookie
Vulcan! hear your glorious task;
I do not from your labours ask
0.00 0
John Lyly poet Vulcan's Song: In Making Of The Arrows by John Lyly
MY shag-hair Cyclops, come, let's ply
Our Lemnian hammers lustily.
5.30 0
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