Classical Poems

Title Poet
Written in a Copy of 'Yesterday'
Thoughts are apples on the tree,
Not meant for anyone in particular,
Hugo von Hofmannsthal poet by Hugo von Hofmannsthal
on 5/3/2012
Written In A Country Churchyard
Oh! how I hate the cumbrous pride
Of plume and pall and scutcheon'd hearse,
John Kenyon poet by John Kenyon
on 10/12/2010
Written In A Diary
They who go down to the relentless deep,
After long horrible death of cold and drought
Frances Anne Kemble poet by Frances Anne Kemble
on 9/6/2010
Written in 1834
Well, when her day is over, be it said
That, though a speck on the terrestrial globe,
Samuel Rogers poet by Samuel Rogers
on 9/3/2010
Written From Dublin, To A Lady In The Country.
When Athens was for Arts and Arms renown'd,
Olympic Wreaths uncommon Merit crown'd.
Mary Barber poet by Mary Barber
on 4/20/2010
Written in a Collection of Bacchanalian Songs
Adieu, ye jovial Youths! who join
To plunge old Care in floods of wine;
William Shenstone poet by William Shenstone
on 4/19/2010
Written In A Fit Of Illness. R. S. S.
In these sad hours, a prey to ceaseless pain,
While feverish pulses leap in every vein,
William Cowper poet by William Cowper
on 4/13/2010
Written Christmas Day 1797
I am a widow'd thing, now thou art gone!
Now thou art gone, my own familiar friend,
Charles Lamb poet by Charles Lamb
on 4/10/2010
Written For One In Sore Pain
Shepherd, on before thy sheep,
Hear thy lamb that bleats behind!
George MacDonald poet by George MacDonald
on 4/9/2010
Written In A Blank Leaf Of Macpherson's Ossian
OFT have I caught, upon a fitful breeze,
Fragments of far-off melodies,
William Wordsworth poet by William Wordsworth
on 4/5/2010
Written Before Re-Reading King Lear
O golden-tongued Romance with serene lute!
Fair plumed Syren! Queen of far away!
John Keats poet by John Keats
on 1/13/2003
Written for a Musician
Hungry for music with a desperate hunger
I prowled abroad, I threaded through the town;
Vachel Lindsay poet by Vachel Lindsay
on 1/3/2003
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