Classical Poems

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Henry VIII, King of England poet Whoso That Wyll All Feattes Optayne by Henry VIII, King of England
Whoso that wyll all feattes optayne,
In love he must be withowt dysdayne,
5.50 0
Bliss William Carman poet Why by Bliss William Carman
FOR a name unknown,
Whose fame unblown
5.50 0
Clarence Michael James Stanislaus Dennis poet Why A Picnic, Jane? by Clarence Michael James Stanislaus Dennis
But, why a picnic, Jane? We went last year,
And missed the Cup; and you know how you grieved
5.50 0
Mahadevi Varma poet Why An Introduction Dear by Mahadevi Varma
Why an introduction dear, you are within me,
reflections on starry nights, memories of a life,
5.65 0
Hans Sachs poet Why Art Thou Thus Cast Down, My Heart? by Hans Sachs
Why art thou thus cast down, my heart?
Why troubled, why dost mourn apart,
5.61 0
Shiv Kumar Batalvi poet Why Ask by Shiv Kumar Batalvi
Why ask about the condition of fakirs like us?
We are water, separated from its river,
0.00 0
Alma Frances McCollum poet Why Blossoms Fall by Alma Frances McCollum
Dear Mother Earth her children trees
Clad well in robes of white,
0.00 0
Christina Georgina Rossetti poet Why Did Baby Die? by Christina Georgina Rossetti
Why did baby die,
Making Father sigh,
5.41 0
Philip Larkin poet Why Did I Dream Of You Last Night? by Philip Larkin
Why did I dream of you last night?
Now morning is pushing back hair with grey light
8.17 0
John Keats poet Why Did I Laugh Tonight? No Voice Will Tell by John Keats
Why did I laugh tonight? No voice will tell
No God, no demon of severe response
5.71 0
Kazi Nazrul Islam poet Why Did You Wake My Dear by Kazi Nazrul Islam
Why did you wake me my dear if you'll abandon me.
The blossoming flower will unnecessarily dry up,
0.00 0
Ramprasad Sen poet Why Disappear Into Formless Trance? by Ramprasad Sen
O wavering mind,
awaken your upward-flowing awareness.
0.00 0
Robert William Service poet Why Do Birds Sing? by Robert William Service
Let poets piece prismatic words,
Give me the jewelled joy of birds!
10.00 0
Emily Dickinson poet Why Do I Love You, Sir? by Emily Dickinson
"Why do I love" You, Sir?
9.44 2
Wilfrid Scawen Blunt poet Why Do I Love? by Wilfrid Scawen Blunt
Why do I love?
Is it for men to choose
5.40 0
Osip Emilevich Mandelstam poet Why Do The Clock-Hopperssing by Osip Emilevich Mandelstam
Why do the clock-hopperssing,
And fever rustle
5.50 0
Meena Kandasamy poet Why Do The Heroes Die? by Meena Kandasamy
Unlike in fairy tales, young heroes die.
All the dazzling princes, strong men of might,
0.00 0
Archibald Lampman poet Why Do Ye Call The Poet Lonely by Archibald Lampman
Why do ye call the poet lonely,
Because he dreams in lonely places?
5.31 0
Patrick Henry Pearse poet Why Do Ye Torture Me? by Patrick Henry Pearse
Why are ye torturing me, O desires of my heart?
Torturing me and paining me by day and by night?
0.00 0
Lalleshwari poet Why Do You Dote Upon Someone, My Soul by Lalleshwari
Why do you dote upon someone, my Soul,
who is not your true love?
0.00 0
Lalleshwari poet Why Do You Grope Thus Like The Blind? by Lalleshwari
Why do you grope thus like the blind ?
Pray, doubt not what I say to you:
0.00 0
Stephen Crane poet Why Do You Strive For Greatness, Fool? by Stephen Crane
Why do you strive for greatness, fool?
Go pluck a bough and wear it.
5.92 0
Lesbia Harford poet Why Does She Put Me To Many Indignities by Lesbia Harford
Why does she put me to many indignities,
Shifts to prevent myself thinking upon her,
5.50 0
Thomas E. Spencer poet Why Doherty Died by Thomas E. Spencer
It was out on the Bogan near Billabong Creek
Where the sky shines like brass seven days in the week,
5.52 0
Francis Quarles poet Why Dost Thou Shade Thy Lovely Face? by Francis Quarles
1 Why dost thou shade thy lovely face? Oh, why
2 Does that eclipsing hand so long deny
5.33 0
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