Classical Poems

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William Blake poet Why Should I Care For The Men Of Thames by William Blake
Why should I care for the men of thames
Or the cheating waves of charter'd streams
5.22 0
Bulleh Shah poet Why Should I Go To Kaaba by Bulleh Shah
Why should I go to Kaaba,
When I long for Takht Hazaara?
0.00 0
Madison Julius Cawein poet Why Should I Pine? by Madison Julius Cawein
Why should I pine? when there in Spain
Are eyes to woo, and not in vain;
0.00 0
Alfred Austin poet Why Should I, From This Long And Losing Strife by Alfred Austin
Why should I, from this long and losing strife
When summoned to depart, halt half-afraid?
5.82 0
William Butler Yeats poet Why Should Not Old Men Be Mad? by William Butler Yeats
WHY should not old men be mad?
Some have known a likely lad
6.42 1
Agathias poet Why Shrink From Death? by Agathias
5.50 0
Henry Timrod poet Why Silent? by Henry Timrod
Why am I silent from year to year?
Needs must I sing on these blue March days?
5.22 0
Sir Walter Scott poet Why Sit'st Thou By That Ruin'D Hall? by Sir Walter Scott
'Why sit'st thou by that ruin'd hall,
Thou aged carle so stern and grey?
4.77 0
Sir John Suckling poet Why So Pale And Wan, Fond Lover? by Sir John Suckling
Why so pale and wan, fond lover?
Prithee, why so pale?--
6.00 2
Edward George Dyson poet Why Spring Fell Flat by Edward George Dyson
The Spring is gone. I have not seen
Its fairies tripping on the Block,
5.34 0
Zbigniew Herbert poet Why The Classics by Zbigniew Herbert
in the fourth book of the Peloponnesian War
0.00 0
Ella Wheeler Wilcox poet Why The Daisies Are Not All White by Ella Wheeler Wilcox
Uncle Rob says:
Once the daisies all were white,
5.24 0
Banjo Paterson poet Why The Jackass Laughs by Banjo Paterson
The Boastful Crow and the Laughing Jack
Were telling tales of the outer back:
5.77 1
Heinrich Heine poet Why The Roses Are So Pale by Heinrich Heine
O dearest, canst thou tell me why
The rose should be so pale?
9.00 0
Ella Wheeler Wilcox poet Why The Spring Is Late by Ella Wheeler Wilcox
To Miss Eva Russell.
The spring time is deaf to our pleading,
5.38 0
Sir Arthur Quiller-Couch poet Why This Volume Is So Thin by Sir Arthur Quiller-Couch
In youth I dreamed, as other youths have dreamt,
Of love, and thrummed an amateur guitar
5.50 0
Leo Yankevich poet Why Wars Happen, Beings On Earth Die by Leo Yankevich Rookie
Above the reeds the red clouds gather.
The boats moored at the river bank
10.00 0
Farīd ud-Dīn Attar Abū Hamīd bin Abū B .. poet Why Was Adam by Farīd ud-Dīn Attar Abū Hamīd bin Abū B ..
'Why was Adam driven from the garden?'
The pupil asked his master. 'His heart was hardened
5.41 0
William Blake poet Why Was Cupid A Boy by William Blake
Why was Cupid a boy,
And why a boy was he?
5.69 0
Samina Raja poet Why Was The Earth Created? by Samina Raja
Why was the sky created,
stars beyond stars
5.47 0
Ellis Parker Butler poet Why Washington Retreated by Ellis Parker Butler
Said Congress to George Washington:
5.72 0
Edgar Albert Guest poet Why We Fight by Edgar Albert Guest
This is the thing we fight:
A cry of terror in the night;
0.00 0
Lisel Mueller poet Why We Tell Stories by Lisel Mueller
For Linda Foster
6.78 1
Lady Jane Wilde poet Why Weepest Thou? by Lady Jane Wilde
Why weepest thou?
A few more hours dreary,
0.00 0
Taras Shevchenko poet Why Weighs The Heart Heavy? by Taras Shevchenko Rookie
Why weighs the heart heavy? ? Why drags life so dreary?
Why is the heart weeping and sobbing and sighing
10.00 0
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