Classical Poems

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Emily Dickinson poet Who Never Lost, Are Unprepared by Emily Dickinson
Who never lost, are unprepared
5.33 0
Emily Dickinson poet Who Occupies This House? by Emily Dickinson
Who occupies this House?
9.33 0
Sunil Uniyal poet Who Perishes? (A Bhajan Of Kabir) by Sunil Uniyal
Who perishes?
O learned men, just explain.
0.00 1
Koyamparambath Satchidanandan poet Who Said by Koyamparambath Satchidanandan
Who said that waiting is
a railway station in North Malabar?
0.00 0
Audre Lorde poet Who Said It Was Simple by Audre Lorde
There are so many roots to the tree of anger
that sometimes the branches shatter
9.50 0
James Whitcomb Riley poet Who Santy-Claus Wuz by James Whitcomb Riley
Jes' a little bit o' feller--I remember still--
Ust to almost cry fer Christmas, like a youngster will.
4.95 0
Nandini Sahu poet Who Says Death Is The Only Truth? by Nandini Sahu
Death stands at a distance
all day all night, smiling, unblinking,
5.50 3
Mewlana Jalaluddin Rumi poet Who Says Words With My Mouth? by Mewlana Jalaluddin Rumi
All day I think about it, then at night I say it.
Where did I come from, and what am I supposed to be doing?
5.48 1
Christina Georgina Rossetti poet Who Shall Deliver Me? by Christina Georgina Rossetti
God strengthen me to bear myself;
That heaviest weight of all to bear,
5.38 0
Henry Clay Work poet Who Shall Rule This American Nation? by Henry Clay Work
Who shall rule this American Nation?
Say, boys, say!
5.21 0
Lalleshwari poet Who Slays The Highway Robbers Three by Lalleshwari
Who slays the highway robbers three,
Greed, Lust and Pride,
0.00 0
William De Witt Snodgrass poet Who Steals My Good Name by William De Witt Snodgrass
For the person who obtained my debit card number and spent $11,000 in five days
My pale stepdaughter, just off the school bus,
0.00 0
Ghulam Ahmad Mahjoor poet Who Stole My Heart From Far Away? by Ghulam Ahmad Mahjoor
Who stole my heart from far away ?
Bring back that youthful heart to me !
0.00 0
Parveen Shakir poet Who Then Had The Time To Meet Herself by Parveen Shakir
That I'd manage to glue together the slivers
of my shattered pride,
0.00 0
Jimmy Santiago Baca poet Who Understands Me But Me by Jimmy Santiago Baca
They turn the water off, so I live without water,
they build walls higher, so I live without treetops,
9.02 13
Kazi Nazrul Islam poet Who Walked Out by Kazi Nazrul Islam
O friend passer-by
I wake up forlorn,
0.00 0
Sri Chinmoy Ghose poet Who Wants? by Sri Chinmoy Ghose
Easy life of the cosmic gods
Who wants?
0.00 0
Emily Dickinson poet Who Were 'The Father And The Son' by Emily Dickinson
Who were 'the Father and the Son'
We pondered when a child,
0.00 0
Robert Kirkland Kernighan poet Who Will Answer? by Robert Kirkland Kernighan
Who, when the ages are all complete,
And a voice comes forth from the Judgment Seat
0.00 0
Lady Jane Wilde poet Who Will Show Us Any Good? by Lady Jane Wilde
Beautiful Ireland! Who will preach to thee?
Souls are waiting for lips to vow;
0.00 1
George MacDonald poet Who Would Have Thought? by George MacDonald
Who would have thought that even an idle song
Were such a holy and celestial thing
0.00 0
Alfred Austin poet Who Would Not Die For England! by Alfred Austin
Who would not die for England!
This great thought,
5.42 0
John Bunyan poet Who Would True Valour See by John Bunyan
Who would true Valour see
Let him come hither;
4.62 0
Henry Lawson poet Who’ll Wear The Beaten Colours? by Henry Lawson
Who’ll wear the beaten colours—and cheer the beaten men?
Who’ll wear the beaten colours, till our time comes again?
5.41 0
Henry Lawson poet Who’s Dot Pulleteen? by Henry Lawson
To the Editor of The Albany Observer
Dear Sir,
5.44 0
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