Classical Poems

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Laurence Overmire poet Willie At The Foot Of The Bed (An Ode To Mary Todd Lincoln) by Laurence Overmire Rookie - 339 Points
Every night he comes, Mary
Do you see him?
10.00 0
Robert Burns poet Willie Brew'D A Peck O' Maut by Robert Burns
O WILLIE 1 brew'd a peck o' maut,
And Rob and Allen cam to see;
0.00 0
Edgar Lee Masters poet Willie Metcalf by Edgar Lee Masters
I was Willie Metcalf.
They used to call me "Doctor Meyers"
5.84 0
Edgar Lee Masters poet Willie Pennington by Edgar Lee Masters
They called me the weakling, the simpleton,
For my brothers were strong and beautiful,
5.31 0
Robert Burns poet Willie Wastle by Robert Burns
Willie Wastle dwalt on Tweed,
The spot they ca'd it Linkumdoddie.
6.00 1
Julia Ann Moore poet Willie's And Nellie's Wish by Julia Ann Moore
Willie and Nellie, one evening sat
By their own little cottage door;
0.00 0
Andrew Lang poet Willie's Ladye by Andrew Lang
Willie has ta'en him o'er the faem,
He's wooed a wife, and brought her hame;
5.30 0
George MacDonald poet Willie's Question by George MacDonald
Willie speaks.
10.00 0
Li Shangyin poet Willow by Li Shangyin
Boundless the leaves roused by spring,
Countless the twigs which tremble in the dawn.
0.00 0
Anna Akhmatova poet Willow by Anna Akhmatova
And I grew up in patterned tranquillity,
In the cool nursery of the young century.
5.61 0
Xue Tao poet Willow Catkins by Xue Tao
In February, light, fine willow catkins
play with people's clothes in spring breeze;
5.86 0
William Carlos Williams poet Willow Poem by William Carlos Williams
It is a willow when summer is over,
a willow by the river
5.60 0
William Schwenck Gilbert poet Willow Waly! by William Schwenck Gilbert
[HE.] PRITHEE, pretty maiden - prithee, tell me true
(Hey, but I'm doleful, willow, willow waly!)
5.53 0
Madison Julius Cawein poet Willow Wood by Madison Julius Cawein
Deep in the wood of willow-trees
The summer sounds and whispering breeze
0.00 0
Anonymous Olde English poet Willow, Willow, Willow by Anonymous Olde English
A poore soule sat sighing under a sicamore tree;
O willow, willow, willow!
5.92 0
Duncan Campbell Scott poet Willow-Pipes by Duncan Campbell Scott
So in the shadow by the nimble flood
He made her whistles of the willow wood,
5.70 0
Anton Wildgans poet Willst Du Weiser Sein Im Leben by Anton Wildgans
0.00 0
Joseph Skipsey poet Willy To Jinny by Joseph Skipsey
DUSKIER than the clouds that lie
'Tween the coal-pit and the sky,
0.00 0
David Herbert Lawrence poet Willy Wet-Leg by David Herbert Lawrence
I can’t stand Willy Wet-Leg,
Can’t stand him at any price.
5.41 0
Nancy Fotheringham Cato poet Willy-Wag And Sparrow by Nancy Fotheringham Cato
Willy-wag and Sparrow
sat on a stone.
5.35 0
John Greenleaf Whittier poet Wilson by John Greenleaf Whittier
The lowliest born of all the land,
He wrung from Fate's reluctant hand
5.34 0
Robert Kirkland Kernighan poet Wilson Keeper's Thrashing by Robert Kirkland Kernighan
' I 'm out uv breath, Matildy Nunn ;
I Ve come some spoons and plates to borry,
0.00 0
Wilfrid Scawen Blunt poet Wilt Thou Take Me For Thy Slave? by Wilfrid Scawen Blunt
Wilt thou take me for thy slave,
With my folly and my love?
5.31 0
Andrew Young poet Wiltshire Downs by Andrew Young
The cuckoo’s double note
Loosened like bubbles from a drowning throat
5.48 0
George MacDonald poet Win' That 'Blaws by George MacDonald
Win' that blaws the simmer plaid
Ower the hie hill's shoothers laid,
0.00 0
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