Classical Poems

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Laurence Overmire poet Winners And Losers by Laurence Overmire Rookie - 329 Points
As an outsider, looking in
You might wonder why
10.00 0
Robert William Service poet Winnie by Robert William Service
When I went by the meadow gate
The chestnut mare would trot to meet me,
5.91 0
Jean Ingelow poet Winstanley by Jean Ingelow
Quoth the cedar to the reeds and rushes,
5.50 0
Ndre Mjeda poet Winter by Ndre Mjeda
O'er fields and o'er mountains
Blows the bitter polar blast,
0.00 0
Harriet Monroe poet Winter by Harriet Monroe
Earth bears her sorrow gladly, like a nun,
Her young face glowing through the icy veil.
5.28 0
William Shakespeare poet Winter by William Shakespeare
When icicles hang by the wall
And Dick the shepherd blows his nail
6.74 15
Madison Julius Cawein poet Winter by Madison Julius Cawein
The flute, whence Summer's dreamy fingertips
Drew music, ripening the pinched kernels in
0.00 0
Ethelwyn Wetherald poet Winter by Ethelwyn Wetherald
Now that the earth has hid her lovely brood
Of green things in her breast safe out of sight,
5.50 0
Walter de la Mare poet Winter by Walter de la Mare
Clouded with snow
The cold winds blow,
5.82 0
Edith Nesbit poet Winter by Edith Nesbit
Hold your hands to the blaze;
Winter is here
5.50 0
Adelaide Crapsey poet Winter by Adelaide Crapsey
The cold
With steely clutch
5.50 0
Samuel Johnson poet Winter by Samuel Johnson
No more the morn with tepid rays
Unfolds the flower of various hue;
9.00 0
James Thomson poet Winter by James Thomson
SEE! Winter comes, to rule the varied Year, Sullen, and sad; with all his rising Train,
Vapours, and Clouds, and Storms: Be these my Theme,
5.71 0
George William Russell poet Winter by George William Russell
A DIAMOND glow of winter o’er the world:
Amid the chilly halo nigh the west
5.50 0
John Brooks Wheelwright poet Winter by John Brooks Wheelwright Rookie
Rocks cleft and turned to dust reveal
cleft shells to be as stone; and cricket skulls
5.50 0
John Le Gay Brereton poet Winter by John Le Gay Brereton
When winter chills your aged bones
As by the fire you sit and nod,
5.53 0
Charles Mackay poet Winter by Charles Mackay
When the tempests fly
O'er the cloudy sky,
4.50 0
Czeslaw Milosz poet Winter by Czeslaw Milosz
The pungent smells of a California winter,
Grayness and rosiness, an almost transparent full moon.
0.00 0
Frances Anne Kemble poet Winter by Frances Anne Kemble
I saw him on his throne, far in the north,
Him ye call Winter, picturing him ever
5.68 0
Robert Southey poet Winter by Robert Southey
A wrinkled crabbed man they picture thee,
Old Winter, with a rugged beard as grey
5.36 0
Dante Gabriel Rossetti poet Winter by Dante Gabriel Rossetti
How large that thrush looks on the bare thorn-tree!
A swarm of such, three little months ago,
5.23 0
William Morris poet Winter by William Morris
I am Winter, that do keep
Longing safe amidst of sleep:
5.74 0
Clarence Michael James Stanislaus Dennis poet Winter by Clarence Michael James Stanislaus Dennis
Winter comes; and our complaints
Grow apace as summer faints,
5.50 0
Archibald Lampman poet Winter by Archibald Lampman
The long days came and went; the riotous bees
Tore the warm grapes in many a dusty vine,
5.42 0
Kamala Das poet Winter by Kamala Das
It smelt of new rains and of tender
Shoots of plants- and its warmth was the warmth
5.73 0
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