Classical Poems

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Edgar Albert Guest poet What Makes An Artist by Edgar Albert Guest
We got to talking art one day, discussing in a general way
How some can match with brush and paint the glory of a tree,
0.00 0
George MacDonald poet What Makes Summer? by George MacDonald
Winter froze both brook and well;
Fast and fast the snowflakes fell;
0.00 0
Alice Walker poet What Makes The Dalai Lama Lovable? by Alice Walker
His posture
From so many years
5.92 3
George Ade poet What Man Dare Say? by George Ade
What man dare say that he is quite immune
From charms and spells that ev'ry girl possesses ?
0.00 1
George MacDonald poet What Man Is There Of You? by George MacDonald
The homely words how often read!
How seldom fully known!
0.00 0
Robert Louis Stevenson poet What Man May Learn, What Man May Do by Robert Louis Stevenson
WHAT man may learn, what man may do,
Of right or wrong of false or true,
5.52 1
George Frederick Cameron poet What Matters It? by George Frederick Cameron
WHAT reck we of the creeds of men?–
We see them–we shall see again.
5.50 0
Anonymous Americas poet What Mean Ye? by Anonymous Americas
What mean ye that ye bruise and bind
My people, saith the Lord,
5.60 0
Francis Bret Harte poet What Miss Edith Saw From Her Window by Francis Bret Harte
Our window's not much, though it fronts on the street;
There's a fly in the pane that gets nothin' to eat;
0.00 0
James Russell Lowell poet What Mr. Robinson Thinks by James Russell Lowell
Guvener B. is a sensible man;
He stays to his home an' looks arter his folks;
5.50 0
John Wilbye poet What Needeth All This Travail? by John Wilbye
What needeth all this travail and turmoiling
Shortening the life's pleasure
0.00 0
Sir Thomas Wyatt poet What Needeth These Threat'Ning Words by Sir Thomas Wyatt
What needeth these threnning words and wasted wind?
All this cannot make me restore my prey.
10.00 0
David McKee Wright poet What Needeth These Threnning Words And Wasted Wind? by David McKee Wright
What needeth these threnning words and wasted wind?
All this cannot make me restore my prey.
0.00 0
Walter Savage Landor poet What News by Walter Savage Landor
Here, ever since you went abroad,
If there be change, no change I see,
5.50 0
Madison Julius Cawein poet What Of It Then by Madison Julius Cawein
Well, what of it then, if your heart be weighed with the yoke
Of the world's neglect? and the smoke
0.00 0
John Greenleaf Whittier poet What Of The Day by John Greenleaf Whittier
A SOUND of tumult troubles all the air,
Like the low thunders of a sultry sky
5.44 0
Ada Cambridge poet What Of The Night? by Ada Cambridge
To you, who look below,
   Where little candles glow --
5.80 0
John Le Gay Brereton poet What Of The Night? by John Le Gay Brereton
The doom is imminent of unholy hate.
Hail to the light that glimmers where the leaves
5.54 0
Arthur Rimbaud poet What One Says To The Poet On The Subject Of Flowers by Arthur Rimbaud
Thus, ever, towards the azure night
5.50 0
Zbigniew Herbert poet What Our Dead Do by Zbigniew Herbert
Jan came this morning
—I dreamt of my father
0.00 0
Walt Whitman poet What Place Is Besieged? by Walt Whitman
WHAT place is besieged, and vainly tries to raise the siege?
Lo! I send to that place a commander, swift, brave, immortal;
6.50 0
Stephen Crane poet What Says The Sea, Little Shell by Stephen Crane
"What says the sea, little shell?
What says the sea?
4.71 0
Vachel Lindsay poet What Semiramis Said by Vachel Lindsay
The moon's a steaming chalice,
Of honey and venom-wine.
5.39 0
Gerard Manley Hopkins poet What Shall I Do For The Land That Bred Me by Gerard Manley Hopkins
What shall I do for the land that bred me,
Her homes and fields that folded and fed me?—
5.72 0
Emily Dickinson poet What Shall I Do When The Summer Troubles by Emily Dickinson
What shall I do when the Summer troubles—
0.00 1
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