Classical Poems

Poet Poem User Rating Comment Count
Patricio Geronimo Mariano poet ¡gumigiliw! by Patricio Geronimo Mariano
0.00 0
Gregorio Gutiérrez González poet ¡miserere! by Gregorio Gutiérrez González
5.73 0
Patricio Geronimo Mariano poet ¡paalam! by Patricio Geronimo Mariano
0.00 0
Patricio Geronimo Mariano poet ¡pangarap! by Patricio Geronimo Mariano
0.00 0
Hilaire Belloc poet [month Of] October by Hilaire Belloc
Look, how those steep woods on the mountain's face
Burn, burn against the sunset; now the cold
5.32 0
Hilaire Belloc poet [month Of] September by Hilaire Belloc
I, from a window where the Meuse is wide,
Looked eastward out to the September night;
5.62 0
Muriel Rukeyser poet [murmurs From The Earth Of This Land] by Muriel Rukeyser
Murmurs from the earth of this land, from the caves and craters,
from the bowl of darkness. Down watercourses of our
5.00 0
Rupert John Cornford poet [to Margot Heinemann] by Rupert John Cornford
Heart of the heartless world,
Dear heart, the thought of you
5.21 0
Henry Lawson poet `for'Ard' by Henry Lawson

It is stuffy in the steerage where the second-classers sleep,
5.73 2
Ethel Turner poet `oh, If That Rainbow Up There!' by Ethel Turner
Oh, if that rainbow up there,
Spanning the sky past the hill,
4.85 0
Mary Colborne-Veel poet `resurgam' by Mary Colborne-Veel
(Autumn Song)
   Chill breezes moaning are
5.50 0
James Lionel Michael poet `through Pleasant Paths' by James Lionel Michael
Through pleasant paths, through dainty ways,
   Love leads my feet;
6.00 1
Mary Colborne-Veel poet `what Look Hath She?' by Mary Colborne-Veel
What look hath she,
   What majestie,
5.50 0
Henry Kendall poet ~araluen~ by Henry Kendall
River, myrtle rimmed, and set
Deep amongst unfooted dells—
5.63 1
Gregorio Gutiérrez González poet ¡a Nada! by Gregorio Gutiérrez González
5.25 0
Gregorio Gutiérrez González poet ¡amame, Ingrata! by Gregorio Gutiérrez González
5.50 0
Ruben Dario poet ¡torres De Dios Poetas! (With English Translation) by Ruben Dario
Torres de Dios Poetas!
Pararrayos celestes,
5.73 0
James Reiss poet ¿habla Usted Español? by James Reiss Rookie - 0 Points
¿Habla Usted Español?
The Spanish expression Cuando yo era muchacho
5.77 1
Gregorio Gutiérrez González poet ¿por Qué No Canto? by Gregorio Gutiérrez González
5.27 0
Ramon Lopez Velarde poet ¿que Sera Lo Que Espero? by Ramon Lopez Velarde
Tus otoños me arrullan
en coro de quimeras obstinadas;
5.50 0
Lope de Vega poet ¿qué Tengo Yo Que Mi Amistad Procuras? by Lope de Vega
¿Qué tengo yo que mi amistad procuras?
¿Qué interés se te sigue, Jesús mío
5.19 0
Isaac Rosenberg poet ‘a Worm Fed On The Heart Of Corinth' by Isaac Rosenberg
A worm fed on the heart of Corinth,
Babylon and Rome:
4.73 0
Alfred Lord Tennyson poet ‘and Ask Ye Why These Sad Tears Stream?’ by Alfred Lord Tennyson
'And ask ye why these sad tears stream?'
‘Te somnia nostra reducunt.’
6.01 9
Pablo Neruda poet ‘carnal Apple, Woman Filled, Burning Moon,’ by Pablo Neruda
Carnal apple, Woman filled, burning moon,
dark smell of seaweed, crush of mud and light,
6.79 37
Edgar Albert Guest poet ‘erbert's H'Opinion by Edgar Albert Guest
H'if a yankee cutthroat ‘acks ‘is poor hold mother,
H'it tykes a year to pack ‘im h'off to jyle;
0.00 0
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