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Poems About: CONCRETE

In this page, poems on / about “concrete” are listed.

  • 337.
    Rain Pond on the Sidewalk

    Rain, rain, rain,
    In the wake of your path,
    Your children remain. read more »

    Ernesto Ramirez
  • 338.
    Painted Underpass

    There’s a city playground painted
    on the underpass walls,
    bright colours purloined
    from life and trowelled read more »

    wildsweetone ...
  • 339.
    Reified Ingredients

    I dreamt of a sport
    'I could be a diver'
    She wistfully spoke
    And the vision did run read more »

    Jonathan Colby
  • 340.

    I saw you by yourself
    along a busy concrete way,
    All in full-bloom
    spreading yellow on display. read more »

    Sinnaminsun Sinnaminsun
  • 341.
    Lit Candle Flickering

    The cool touch of winter frosted the window
    the candle's lit wave washed over the glass
    in a sheen of droplets
    like pristine show flakes read more »

    Candice Renae Williams
  • 342.
    Tower of Baghdad

    One day, an angel will appear and take
    those cool dark glasses from your eyes,
    the mask that hides your creeping fear
    that gold, nor sweat, nor persuasion, read more »

    Willem VanVoorthuysen
  • 343.
    taxi ride

    The taxi carries me through the sun drowned streets
    Between the towers of concrete and glass and metal
    I barely notice the noise of the engine and the traffic
    Dust and fumes hang languidly above the tarmac read more »

    John Champion
  • 344.

    To homo ferus, speech mattered
    less than pulling fangs of frost-
    Rusalky. Instead, he grew a pelage. read more »

    Richard George
  • 345.
    Now, I sleep

    Now I sleep.
    This is the nightly game of death
    played between life and me.
    This is sweet read more »

    Allen Anderson
  • 346.
    South London

    I am underwhelmed by The City;

    In a concrete world that's
    Dim and dirty read more »

    Danielle Moffat
  • 347.

    our love became mechanical,
    are transmitter fell to the ground,
    the kisses turned to concrete, and
    the hugs turned to steel, the moment read more »

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