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In My Own Cage - Poem by hasmukh amathalal

I am prisoner in my own cage
I have no courage to write down on page
It may amount to disgrace
I shall have no courage to face

I am not sure about other people
They may be clever and able
I am still feeling shy of admitting
I can have no moral courage of committing

It may be known drawback
Still it is felt by and spoken at the back
It consciously bites and hurts
When we receive short reply and very curt

How can I look out side world for help?
When I am totally helpless and unable to sleep
It engulfs me with torturous feeling
I am afraid and still unwilling

I may gather the strength to come out sincerely
Such a stage had never occurred to me and faced rarely
I am still confident that I may do it fairly
I see dark clouds at distance very clearly

Let me gear up for any eventuality
I think that will reflect well on my ability
Nothing should be considered sent by heavenly or Godly
I shall gain confidence and face it boldly

Let me brace up for future challenge
Have enough guts to face and manage
I think self defeat is grave sign
One must pick up boldly and resign

It does not require good use of words
One must think positive and look forward
I think I am lacking that punch and drive
That is why I fear the sea to make deep dive

It is pity and self built fear
Why person should feel guilty with tears?
It has nothing to do with individual’s nature
One must analyze self and try to secure

I am person of little defeatist tendency
I know it is not good but suffer its frequency
It is obstacle in progress and real hindrance
One must think over it and give more importance

I must try to lend my ears and listen to what others might say
I should not keep aloof and prefer isolation to remain away
It is one of the saddest things if one confines to dark
It is bad sign and not considered as good art

I shall mix with natural surrounding
Visit in open air and start to correspond
As I am natural lover and very fond
There will be natural appeal from colorful fishes of pond

If they can live peacefully and with freedom within
I am human being with lots of areas to swim
Free in take of air and vast areas to roam
Let me change myself completely along with flower’s boom

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