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Poems About: CRAZY

In this page, poems on / about “crazy” are listed.

  • 217.
    Working On My Crazy

    Woman I admit I’m crazy,
    I’m either too damned busy or lazy,
    I’m either way too hot or bitter cold,
    I’m a great big hug or hard to hold, read more »

  • 218.

    I am no crazy
    though I failed four times
    But I am not a mad read more »

    Bharat Mehru
  • 219.
    Only I Know How I Feel

    You're the face that fills my soul
    and sighs of loneliness flutter on by.
    I've fallen hard and know what I feel,
    but I'm not crazy, read more »

    susan brealey
  • 220.
    Halloween Madness

    Crazy things happen at Halloween
    In a crazy town, it's true.
    Like when a skeleton went to the pub
    To use the loo! read more »

    William Punter
  • 221.
    It's Crazy.

    It's crazy how a person changes,
    after you knew them so well.
    It's crazy how fast feelings can change,
    from heaven into hell. read more »

    Kayla Bryant
  • 222.
    ~ Crazy For You ~

    Am I crazy, for feeling the way
    that I do?

    For every waking moment my read more »

    Thad Wilk
  • 223.
    The Ballad of Crazy Joe

    He’s stitching the truth within his tome
    Pulling the needle with woe
    His fertile mind shall serve as his home
    Tethers too rigid to sew read more »

    John Weber
  • 224.
    crazy me

    Am I crazy? Maybe I am?
    In everything I give my heart soul as hard as I can
    So I over think, whirling brain analyses a lot
    But does that mean I’ve lost the plot read more »

  • 225.

    you say i'm crazy,
    like i care,
    say what you may,
    i don't care, read more »

    mona martinez
  • 226.
    a mockery

    how does it feel to be mocked at?
    children chase you and laugh at you,
    and call you crazy read more »

  • 227.
    Am I Crazy?

    You run threw my mind
    You blow me away
    You touch my heart
    But you don't feel the same way read more »

    Shakera St. John
  • 228.

    Im crazy, outgoing, sometimes insane.
    Yall say Danger is my middle name.
    I love to take adventures, explore, and have fun.
    But i'll never relax and stay in the sun. read more »

    Brook Mabry
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