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I Love You, I Love You, And I Love You: My Ex-Girlfriend I Am Seeking Flying To Your Face - Poem by MTHOKOZISI NTOKOZO MAPHUMULO


Can you beat the external force of love?
Do you realize about the natural charisma that exist in your ex-girlfriend
I use to think of love as a fairly tale
I am very sorry for those times I have wasted
Because love has got new meaning to me
There you are beautiful thing
Sweet lovely thing
Yours voice is long and tender
Do you realize you so sweaty?
Your footsteps take me far away from this indigenous land
I will say I did not realize what I am doing to my wife
Your body is so angelic in construction
Forever young, I like to stay forever young, I like to stay alert forever – forever young
So that I can see the breezes of this multicoloured sunlight
Looking for you – everything happens around this crazy world comes to the halt
Your looking turns the surroundings into the extraordinary attractive wave
This wave is snow white in colour
This white wave produces huge attractiveness going up to meet the horizons
I have no skate board by which I can surf the waves of this water tides
Now I am shivering
Because it seems like you will simple disappear?
New day new love
I am always fighting to see you
Yours truly, vision is blessing in my life
Your voice comes to my ears
It gets assimilated with the wind
It creates the ticking noise like numerous tiny steels when they pushed by the sea breeze so that they resonance so kneading
I can pretend to hate you
But the truth is that it is the fire of love itself that drives me crazy like this
I know this truth when I am alone
This is that I am dying in love with you
You have dark reddish eyes
So bold and beautiful they are
These eyes are dark and lovely
The lower lid is black and covered with reddish skin
The upper eyelashes do always allow the eye to open widely
In their opening maintain their fresh skin to flourish colourfully
And these is where I have picked up the powers of your waves
This is complete natural charismatic gift of angelic beauty
The wind does not know any form of language
Yet it can save as the medium for sound transportation
I could whisper my message to you
And tell those sunny penetrative ears how crazy in love I feel with them
If the skin has tiny hosting bag
I could reduce my size and shape
So that it adjusted into substrate form that would allow my spirit to sooth your softest skin
The sound knows no heart feelings
If things were like so, I could tell the sound and tell her to duplicate this voice whenever I am there
Because all waves have their own characteristic forms of sounds and shapes
But sound knows no heart feeling: then she stop to chart
But I can not manage to stress how misery that to me is.
My mind resume and I have forget that I am in the lecture
Yes she told me about the importance of mathematics
She teaches us all sort of Engineering
But all I need is love, because I am already screw off the topic
I close my eyes and my ears
I do this in order to let my intellectual memory freely digest these fortunes
Eventually I feel like I can be like a chameleon
This animal is able to change into any form of colour
It uses temperature and around to tract the things next to it
I am trying to wear up your romantic face
This time is my time
I already experienced that no one will ever touches me the way you touch
Many things have come to touché me
Many things I have pretend to love
But none have ever touches the way you touch
Even if I dream at night you simple come in my dreams
I have my wife
But I have never dreamt of her
She is always there for me
She is beautiful but she does not arouse my sexual anxieties
This is because I am only one and one for you alone
Hear and there she touches me but your vision does not erase your vision in my eyes
But you, yes YOU and you
You stand very far and do not even look at me
But just one smile that produces dimples in your chicks drives Me crazy
The whole body becomes so hot:
By this time I cannot do anything
Just one gaze can make my hairs stand up
Because the memory freezes
So why can’t I risk my life with my ex-girl friend
My girlfriend
Listen to the millionaire
Listen to the tears role
I will never stop
Come back to me

There is going to be no more tears for you
I am sorry for the wrong I have done for you in the past
Please call me now
And tell me two words of my own
Well everybody guess it I love you
Don not be afraid
What you see is what you got
I will stand by you
Because today I have revealed the secrets of love
I have come to realize that millions of rand cannot buy love
I have come to realize that millionaire cannot touches me there
But you have got the pin code
Yes you have got the pin code to arouse my true sexual anxieties
Your truly smile has break the code
I am now feeling cool
These words are not for my own
There are the words that are coming from deep roots of my nature of love
Please come back to me
My ex-girlfriend
Love hugs and the kisses
I love you, I love you, and I love you
I am seeking flying to your face
Now you put your lips around my neck
I am screaming like a crazy frog
I am crying like a newly born baby
This is what I waited for many years ago
True love never changes
Never again shall Ilose you
I feel like we must have bee born to be touch like this
Forever and ever
God save this queen
This wave rocks me in many directions
This is the world's romentic stone
Because our love knows no Valentine's day
You are the queen of only 40 years
But to me you like 18
I don't mind standing everyday
Out of your corner of the pouring rain
If she will be love
If she will be love

Comments about I Love You, I Love You, And I Love You: My Ex-Girlfriend I Am Seeking Flying To Your Face by MTHOKOZISI NTOKOZO MAPHUMULO

  • Rookie Nic Leisure (4/16/2009 8:16:00 PM)

    great job i say that it was the best poem i read this week (Report) Reply

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  • Rookie Egi David Perdana (4/9/2008 9:54:00 AM)

    woow, it's a great, a sweet poems, always make me cry good job friends, and we say: NO RACISM AGAIN FOREVER (Report) Reply

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