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Crazy Enough - Poem by Sophia Engel

I was crazy enough to jump off a bridge for you

Even when I have seen you only once.

But you let me down
I am mad enough to still be thinking about you

Even when I know you feel nothing more

I was crazy enough to build castles in the sky
And jump from cloud to cloud

crazy enough to imagine you and me

crazy enough to never see

the lie of you

I was crazy enough to stand in the rain

so i might see you once more
Longing raged inside me
Longing for you
Longing that never seemed to die
Even now, now that you’ve left me
Left me to drown in my own tears of dispare
I still yearn for you
I was crazy enough to follow you home

Just so I can see you for a while
Crazy enough to stand outside your window
and watch you sleep

and I was crazy enough to want to be your

Sickness just so I might heal you again

crazy enough that no pain would hurt me deeply
But you

crazy enough that I can’t let go

I was crazy enough to want to die for you

and yet there is nothing known about you
And yet you never lived

I was crazy enough to want to kidnap you

and watch you grow old in the cupboard of my mind

crazy enough to kill you so I might have you forever

crazy enough to only think

That nothing could hurt me
Nothing could hurt me but you
I was crazy enough that I might want to haunt you
So I might be with you forever

crazy enough to hurt you so I might love you
And make you better once again

crazy enough to offer my soul to you
Just so I can be with you forever

crazy enough to want to be you

I am crazy enough to say that

I don’t know whether you are real
Or out there still
But know…

That I love you all the same
No matter how often you leave and don’t come back

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