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  • 61.
    Crazy Circus (just a wrap)

    Crazy Circus (just a wrap)

    We’re runnin’ like chickens with our heads cut off,
    Squealing like piggies round the old food trough,
    Stuck on a treadmill and we can’t get off,
    It’s a crazy circus

    Lost and confused, walkin in a trance,
    Common sense needs a second chance,
    But time is runnin out gotta change our stance,
    Such a crazy circus

    Just lookin’ for respect we think we know
    But the real truth is you reap what you sow

    Under the bigtop we’re up on the stage
    Spillin’ and killin’ lost in a rage
    Why can’t we just turn the page
    Of this crazy circus

    Strutin’ our stuff actin’ real cool
    Posin’ in the mirror ready for a duel
    Now who do you think is the real fool
    What a crazy circus

    The old ringmaster we’re the main attraction
    Always lookin’ for some kind of action
    Spinnin’ our wheels losin’ our traction
    In this crazy circus

    Just lookin’ for respect we act like we know
    But the real truth is you reap what you sow

    Gomer LePoet... read more »

  • 62.

    Yes, they are honourables
    Yet they are crazy
    Crazy for violence
    Using the hallow chambers as rings read more »

  • 63.
    My Crazy Life

    I live my crazy life
    and kill my ex with a knife
    I am a prisoner in my own flat
    and want to forget read more »

  • 64.
    Crazy Enough

    I am crazy enough to jump off a bridge for you
    Even when i have seen you only once.
    I am crazy enough to still be thinking about you
    Even when i know nothing of you at all read more »

  • 65.
    ~ Crazy For You ~

    Am I crazy, for feeling the way
    that I do?

    For every waking moment my read more »

  • 66.
    Crazy Mind

    I'm only crazy ever did worlds transformation it's crazy thinking. Roam conceptual 'crazy minds' seeking philosophical philosophy writer changing worldwide sentence's timed artists limitless fears strength, limitless power abilities of 'crazy minds'..

    Transduce fear to fevers, love philosophy, conception of a philosophical 'crazy 'mind call me crazy a poet, crazy me what you
    change crazy every time, before crazy changed a crazy mind.... read more »

  • 67.
    Let's Go Insane, Let's Go Crazy

    In this room right now
    There's only me and you
    It's just us
    No one's around read more »

  • 68.

    The moonlight dance
    I will dance with the mooninthe sky
    Moonlight dance
    Moonlight dance read more »

  • 69.
    Going Crazy

    Going crazy right now
    Need some help real bad
    He wont leave my mind
    And I dont know why read more »

  • 70.
    You Make me go Crazy

    Every time I see you
    You make me go crazy
    Because the way you are
    I just can't just take my eyes off of you read more »

  • 71.
    Isnt It Crazy

    isn't it crazy how
    you cant see things right in front of your eyes
    isn't it crazy how
    love always seems to slowly die read more »

  • 72.
    See if I care

    I've got a lock of your red hair
    What do I care?
    I've got a lock of your red hair
    You can go, anywhere read more »

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