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My Letter To You - Poem by Russell Crow

Dear Sarah the Sorceress
Dear Sarah my Sorceress
Dear Selena...
I really need to talk to you
I really need a word with you
but one word isn't going to do it for me
and all my words seem to be failing me
As you can tell my head isn't right
I have no clue what to say or do
so I guess I'll just start by saying
by saying...well I love you
by saying...well I miss you
Don't get me wrong
I have no intentions of ruining your relationship
I have no intentions of getting inbetween you and your love
I have no intentions of taking your love away
I just need to get something off my chest
I am crazy
I am crazy about you
I was crazy for you
I was crazy with you
I guess I'm just crazy without you
I guess I'm just crazy because of you
Recently, I've been depressed
What does that have to do with you
well I'm always depressed
once I speak to you
well I'm always depressed
once I think of you
The kid in me
the one that fell in love with you
the one that kissed you May 22nd 2009
the one that fell apart moving away from you
June 27th 2009
That was the start of my downfall
just moving away from you
I spent my entire freshman year of high school
wishing to be with you
wishing to hold you once more
wishing to see you once more
wishing to never see you again
wishing to never hear your name again
wishing to get over you
for Dylan came in and stole you away once again
for I couldn't handle I had you for a tiny moment
and had nothing but poems to show for it
for I couldn't handle
losing my everything to some punk kid
I didn't even know
You are the main subject
in most of the poems I have come to write
It's a love/hate war inside my head
for I feel you have led me on
for I feel you have truly loved me
as the years keep passing by
but my timing has never been right
so everytime I believed I could get you back
so everytime I felt I could finally have you in my arms
have you in my arms once again
just hold you in my arms one more time
to know you were real
to know what we had was real
to know what I felt when we were first together
was completely true
My chances were ripped from my hands
and you cut me back down to size
like recently...
I fell apart once you said
once you said you loved me like a brother
I fell apart once I saw you were in love
it caught me by surprise
it caught me off guard
I fell apart
Don't get me wrong
I have nothing against her
I have no problem with her
I have no issues with her
I just can't stomach someone else having you
The kid in me just doesn't want to grow up
The kid in me just doesn't want to lose that one shred of happiness
The kid in me...
the kid in me is just me
I can't bear to see my first everything
become somebody elses something...
What I have gotten myself into this time around...
A deep depression
four years of words never said
for I was afraid you'd take my words
and toss them out
for I was afraid you'd take my words
and bury them alive
for I was afraid you'd take my words
and just say you don't care
So after four years I say this
I love you
maybe forever
maybe just enough for today
I love you
I love you enough to get these words off my chest
I love you enough to see you happy
see you happy even if it's not because of me
I love you enough to let go
or at least attempt to
So after four years I say
I miss you
I wish to hold you in my arms once more
just to know my feelings were once real
or is nothing more than a memory now
but I'll let a mystery be a mystery
and just let things be
Sarah the Sorceress
Sarah sweet Sorceress
Sarah my Sorceress
I love you
this is my letter to you
you don't have to respond
I just hope you read this and understand
I was someone with you
I am who I am because of you
All of this, all I am
started with you
Four years later
you're still what's always on my mind
no matter how hard I try to forget
Selena...this is my letter to you
Dear Selena...
I love you
Our complicated love story
Romeo and Juliet
I guess it's over
your call
for now I take my bow and leave the stage
but Sorceress, just know
you're in my heart always

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