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Poems About: CRAZY

In this page, poems on / about “crazy” are listed.

  • 73.
    Crazy Days

    My days are so crazy.
    but what makes it so crazy?
    I guess just being bored
    and happened to be lazy at the same time. read more »

    Jessica Smith
  • 74.
    Crazy in Love

    The phone rings
    I jump
    Is it him?
    It’s him! read more »

    Lacey UnKnown
  • 75.
    drive me crazy

    you are driving me crazy
    and you know it baby
    so what should i do
    when all i have is you read more »

    HannahJane Brazier
  • 76.
    I'm Yours

    You give a feeling that burns the wrong way
    burning in heart and mind
    I was true with all I said
    I'm yours read more »

    Brian Hinckley
  • 77.
    Crazy Thoughts

    Our mind at times
    are filled with crazy thoughts
    of things that others
    have long forgot. read more »

    David Harris
  • 78.
    Crazy World

    In this crazy world I've seen

    There is love and suffering read more »

    michael baker
  • 79.

    I feel free, why are they mad,
    Why are they crazy,
    No more marching,
    No more running, read more »

    Simon Samuda
  • 80.

    In this restless crazy world I live
    Do you believe me?
    Yes I live in this restless crazy world
    Why do I live in this restless crazy world? read more »

    Aldo Kraas
  • 81.

    I'm goin crazy with the way things are
    Wishin apoun that great big star
    Ain't got nothing so far… read more »

    Styles Diesel
  • 82.
    Worth fighting for

    i'd rather die form your hands than mine
    so come on if your going to hit me come on
    i would rather die then hit you back
    and i wont, no, i'll be nice read more »

    Fred Chamberlain
  • 83.
    Lies kill

    why do people hide behind lies
    not to tell the truth
    to hid from your self and others
    no one knows me now read more »

    Fred Chamberlain
  • 84.
    Mad man

    Lately i feel that i am going mad
    A cluster of thoughts and emotions inhabit the inner sanctums of my mind
    nothing is safe from the darkness
    it has consumed almost everything read more »

    bill panelo
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