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  • 217.
    dare to be square

    “Swing that lady round and round, ”
    in the square-dance is the sound
    that you will hear, and helps you go
    around while you both do-si-do,
    Although square-dancing can be hip
    when you’re dancing lip to lip,
    this isn’t mostly how it’s done,
    but still creates a lot of fun
    when promenading you can all-
    emande with partners. Every gal
    who loves to square-dance till she’s dizzy
    can get her partner in a tizzy
    by lifting up her prairie skirt
    to find out if he is inert,
    and every guy who loves to square-
    dance can find gals prepared to share
    their loving skills once they have danced,
    by dancing skills of guys entranced.

    Square-dancing that’s traditional
    is for the inhibitional,
    but those who are more highly sexed
    can twist and twirl and even text,
    and follow callers till they fall
    in love with dancers who are tall
    and dark and handsome, or are short
    and fair and plain––it doesn’t matter
    when you’re square-dancing. You can flatter
    partners when you’re Appalachian,
    proving that you are the Mädchen
    whom they desire, or the lad
    if your dancing isn’t bad,
    and even if it is, so what?
    Square-dancing is such fun, it’s not
    important how you do it. Just
    enjoy it while in God you trust,
    and if you don’t, come, take a chance:
    be square for one night, and square-dance.

    Mary Pilon, who writes an article on square dancing in the WSJ on December 16,2009 (“Square Dancing Tries to Get Hip to Lure Young Folks”) writes in a blog:
    But where did square dancing come from? Square dance caller and historian Phil Jamison may have found out. It’s taken the teacher of math and Appalachian studies at Warren Wilson College in Asheville, N.C., over 10 years to unearth pieces of the puzzle that have been missing for centuries. He and other square dance historians say the story starts in France. There, dances like quadrilles were all the rage in the late 18th century and like today’s square dances, featured four couples in a square. After the American Revolution, former colonials rejected all things British, including the country’s dances. More en vogue French instructors crossed the pond to teach their trendy moves. French terms like “do-si-do, ” “allemande” and “promenade” still remain part of the modern square dancing lexicon. The dances done in early America then didn’t have a “caller, ” or someone who yells out the moves to dancers, like square dancing today. Rather, the expectation, Jamison says, was that dancers went to school, memorized the moves, then went to the ball.
    Square dancing then was done mostly to live music, almost always played by African-American musicians. It’s believed that many of these musicians became callers due to the gap in literacy and formal training among slaves of the time. Jamison says he found evidence of an African-American caller dating back as early as 1819 in New Orleans. Other African-American dance moves, instruments like the banjo and fiddle, and call and response traditions were also incorporated, he says. “Even though we don’t currently see the banjo, fiddles and square dancing as a part of African American culture, ” Jamison says, “they once were.” Calling gained popularity up and down the Appalachian range throughout the 1800s, Richard Severance, archive director of the Square Dance Foundation of New England, says. Dancing numbers dwindled in the 19th century and opposition among religious groups of the time didn’t help recruiting, either. “There was a puritanical belief that you shouldn’t touch a young lady, ” Severance says. Later in the century, square dancing was replaced by couples dances like waltzes and polkas in city ballrooms. But square dancing still thrived in rural areas….
    Around the 1950s modern square dancing was standardized. Lessons, which are still taught today, comprise of 69 standard moves. When the Western attire of slacks and petticoats became the norm, it was considered casual compared to the formal tuxedoes and ballroom gowns of the time, Len Houle, president of the United Square Dancers of America says. There are also “traditional” square dancers who base their moves more in the Appalachian style before the 1950s standardization. Today, traditionalists typically don’t require lessons and dance to live music rather than recordings. For many traditional dances, no lessons are required to enter. Partially due to dwindling numbers, modern square dancing groups made pushes in the 1980s and 1990s to be considered the official dance or folk dance of the U.S. President Ronald Reagan made square dancing briefly the national folk dance from 1982-1983. The USDA has put its national campaign on hold for now, until the group finds a legislator to support the bill, Houle says. However, there are currently 31 states that have officially recognized square dancing. And as reported today, the numbers of square dancers are dwindling again, from an estimated 1 million dancers in the late 1970s to around 300,000 according to the USDA. Recruitment efforts continue. “The doors are open to anybody and everybody, ” Houle says.

    12/16/09 read more »

  • 218.
    He Just Called Me Michael Jackson, O, Michael Jackson, Come Here!

    Though no dancer I am, but he just called me Michael Jackson,
    O, Michael Jackson, come here
    And hearing his name,
    Started I dancing read more »

  • 219.
    To less skilled audience

    Peacocks should not dance before peacocks.
    They should dance before cocks.
    Cocks should not dance before peacocks.
    They should dance before ducks. read more »

  • 220.
    With love...?

    Love is

    Dance of read more »

  • 221.
    the dance

    they were dancing in circles
    some with huge bellies
    and there was this emaciated figure
    trying to fit in read more »

  • 222.
    the dance of life (3)

    the dance of life
    is not loneliness

    it is meant to be shared read more »

  • 223.

    read more »

  • 224.
    Dance and dance

    Dancing the world
    I see
    And dancing is for
    Creation recreation read more »

  • 225.
    New years Eve Dance

    This new years eve
    I willl dance
    With the hands of time
    For I know her moves read more »

  • 226.

    just a lad of sixteen summers
    when the mining gates locked
    i stood there with my brothers
    some with there rifles cocked read more »

  • 227.
    A Cinderella Dance

    When we first met it was at a mask dance party
    We only dance once
    but last a lifetime
    It was a magical time read more »

  • 228.
    Magic dance (lyrics)

    You remind me of the babe,
    (What babe.)
    Babe with the power,
    (What power.) read more »

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