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Royal Court Jester - Poem by Kurt Kacich

Royal Court Jesters, a slave to humor,
Monarch’s entertainer, I’m his consumer,
I can only entertain, where my voice can’t be heard,
A clown, a joke, a fool, as I am often referred,
With a smile on my face In my heart I carry an empty bag,
With a smile on my face I was born into a life I never wished to have,
In my hand I carry a Morette, to mimic my crown,
My crown distinct in colors with three jingle heads that hang down,
With a smile on my face, that I forever hold, I can’t frown,
A licensed fool, that wears bright colors made of wool,
But behind the smile I see nothing,
Behind the smile I sense something,
A falsehood of reality, an alias of the world,
So I dance and laugh at the same pace as I twirl,
Enigmas also known as riddles is all I speak,
Entertainment and false respect from a tyrant is all I seek,
A poor soul am I! A clown to society!
Just a fool, a licensed fool in the eyes of sobriety,
As I dance I juggle thoughts of delusion,
As I dance I distract myself with endorphins to cease the confusion,
But when the day is over I go to my cell, where I’m held captive,
A human held captive! Where my antics are inactive!
I’m a slave to greed, a sinister jocularity!
I’m a human being without a mind of clarity!
If I only had a mirror I can stare at myself and express mirth,
To a life I was sacrificed to entertain from birth,
So I dance! I dance! I dance!
Forevermore in thoughts of agony! I prance! I prance! I prance!
My lifestyle cast away in alias, of laughter and glee,
But inside underneath bright colors is not what they see!
Just a fool, a poor certified clown,
That juggles, and juggles, thoughts that go round and round.

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