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Poems About: DARK

In this page, poems on / about “dark” are listed.

  • 253.
    Dark or Light?

    Is light truly good?
    Is dark truly bad?
    After all light creates dark
    So for sure not all dark is bad read more »

    Maelea Mercado
  • 254.
    In the Dark

    Come the dark
    you and I
    on lilting wings
    fly read more »

    Lonnie Hicks
  • 255.
    Give Me Light

    Tried walking in the dark,
    but it didn't work.
    Stomped my toe
    and began to shreik. read more »

    Juz Doss
  • 256.

    when the dark comes down
    With lisping laugh and whimper to the red waves
    The boats are sailing homeward now across
    a shout from grounds so far read more »

    annamaria stylianidou or stylianides
  • 257.
    The Dark Master

    The dark master holds my eyes open wide open
    Try to block him with white mind
    The dark master wins and holds my eyes wide open
    The dark master to strong so I play in his world read more »

    bruce meyerson
  • 258.
    A Mixed Life

    My appearance as a “child of the light”
    Comforts them,
    And rests their awareness of
    “Children of the dark.” read more »

    Amelia Patterson
  • 259.
    Caged Angels


    Is anyone there? read more »

    Ariana Grace Riddle
  • 260.

    I started to believe in myself
    After I came ou of that dark hole
    That I was living for a long time
    Where the light never came in read more »

    Aldo Kraas
  • 261.

    My impressions moist soil
    bare feet
    I breathe the wind that blows
    so fresh as if floating read more »

    katsuo jamban
  • 262.
    Bein' In The Dark

    I'm in the dark afraid to turn my back
    To the side where i can't see
    I know nothing is there but i have to be sure
    Cuz it's in the dark that all the bad stuff happends read more »

    Precious Mason
  • 263.
    Dark Heart

    Pain resides within  the Dark Heart, hidden away and only exposed when it's soul is overwhelmed and about to explode. read more »

    Ron Pate
  • 264.
    The Dark

    Lying on my bed
    In the dark
    I have no fear
    For I welcome read more »

    Steve Madden
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