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Tell Me The Legends Of Long Ago - Poem by Lilly Emery

Tell me the legends of long ago
when the kings and queens would dance
in the realm of the Black Rose
did she love her darken King
or was it all just a dream?
Play me the melodies of long ago
I want to know did Dark Angel win her soul
or did Moonlight when his heart?
I want to know everything
can teach me how to dance in dark romance?
tell me the story of young Moonlight
and about her eyes was her light taken away
or did she gain her faith
Was Dark Angel expression sullen to another day
how he'd fight and always won the battles of his love
And how Moonlight cried when her life was falling
into the hands of her Dark Knight
Oh tell me the story of the Dark Queen of the land
where the darkest hilltop where the castle stayed
to keep Moonlight locked away from her faith
did she have kids or did her sons died at her own hand
And how fools obey commands
Oh tell me the legends of long ago
did moonlight win over Dark Angels soul?
Where the mountains of Mourn come down to the sea
did the sea cast out the spells onto the land of dreams
Will she ever come back to the place see once lived
Oh velvet moon you seen it all to bad you cannot talk
I hear the wind calling Moonlights name
Far away her pains roll around at sea
Roll down the mountain side oh Moonlight why do you cry
Oh Tell me the legends of long ago
when you had love in your soul
When the kings and queens would dance in the realms
of the Black Rose did she dance under Dark Angels spell
did he give her love?
Play me the melodies of the songs they sung
So I can tell my children all about the story of their love
Tell me more about the butler Brutus
looking for a Moonlight with green gray eyes that holds vision
of long ago why did Brutus love her so?

Lilly Emery (c)

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