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Bright Walls In Dark Rooms - Poem by Simon Aindongo

Bright walls in dark rooms,
Bright… walls in dark, wait
Bright walls in dark rooms?
Bright walls in dark rooms are like,
Brides left on alters by commitment issue ridden grooms,
Like angels in hell; frantically laboring to switch on their halos
For in that moment they are vastly outnumbered by the shadows.
Those bright walls in dark rooms, I can liken to
The reprieve between, when a loved one claims they never hurt,
Until the day they do.

Bright walls, like a beautiful mistress can distract you
Pull your attention from a distance,
like the sea being pulled from the shore by the moon.
Trying to make you remain in the shadows if but only momentarily,
Like the 33 years between BC and AD
That caused a break in the space-time continuum, we call eternity.
I think bright walls in dark rooms kind of look,
The same way an alphabet with intermittent chasms would sound,
Like A, then an everlasting pause, then B
With an eminent pause awaited, C comes suddenly
And you see it!

That these very bright walls in dark rooms,
Ought to be the backgrounds for the pulpits from whence we preach,
From whence we beseech and rally the masses,
From whence we introduce these bourgeois types
To the rest of the classes,
From whence we pull their heads from between their arses.

From whence we demand! That the powers that be grant us access,
Access to the pot at the end of the rainbow,
So the populous too may see and know,
That there is nothing there,
It is indeed what they call it;
A fool’s errand to obtain fool’s gold.

One bright wall in a dark room
whispers louder than a thousand shouting men,
One bright wall in a dark room
is much clearer than an infinite glass pane,
One! Bright wall,
is all that it takes to expel the darkness from a room,
One great soul, one unwavering spirit, one un-hush-able voice,
Your voice may be all that is required to turn the tide of history.

So do not fear the mystery behind
bright walls in dark rooms,
In fact, you ought to revere the courage
Of bright walls in dark rooms.
When a bright wall appears in a dark room,
Use it as frame, a background for the center stage,
So that you in the foreground can play out your role in life.

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