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God's Promise - Poem by Miss Thang

Sleepwalking through each day,
crying as I continue to pray.
He tells me, 'No more! You are free!
Released from sin unconditionally.
My child I knew you before you were formed.
And I loved you even before you were born.
I gave my son to suffer for you.
So that, my daughter, you wouldn't have to.
And yet I look down from above
With great compassion and so much love,
Only to see my child in such pain
As I hear her calling out my name.
I am here, my child, and I will never leave
I vow to provide you with all that you need.
So stand up tall, daughter, RISE!
I free you from every one of Satan's lies.
I bless you with hope and true confidence
And promise to you tremendous recompense.
I will make the broken places whole
And I will return joy to your soul.
Like an eagle, my daughter, Soar!
Bound by your pain and suffering no more.
I will restore the years of your youth
And replace Satan's lies with my unblemished truth.
So, my daughter, look to the cross for me
And there I hope you will finally see
Everything I ever wanted your life to be
Wrapped up in my son - sacrificially.”

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