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  • 241.
    Still you believe marriages are heavenly....

    Our only daughter is our pride
    Graduated in flying colours without a guide
    Won a seat in Management, as she so did decide
    Went ahead with a programme in marketing side

    Her progress in studies was fantastic
    Her plans were far stretched and truly futuristic
    Her desire was to grow into a woman majestic
    Ignoring others comments, even if sarcastic

    We thought it was time she be given in marriage
    As it is Indian custom to get the daughter married in right age
    We came across a family that held a good image
    We came to know the family is well knit in traditional cage

    The boy, an engineer, working abroad
    In our interaction we discover in him a mind broad
    We thought he is the boy and requires no further prod
    There was no reason for us to doubt any fraud

    With friends and relatives around, marriage was solemnized
    All got only good things to say and all were pleased
    With the bridegroom and his family that further released
    Us of all anxieties and worries, we thoroughly eased

    We happily saw off our daughter to the foreign soil,
    Where her husband serves and which is peaceful with no turmoil
    We kept track of their welfare and we heard nothing that would spoil
    Our moods, we felt our daughter and her husband are in smooth sail

    Months passed and our daughter started discovering
    The other side of her husband and his family, who were bothering
    Her for money and other favours, but she told us she is gearing
    Up to set things right with the strength of her educational bearing

    Alas, one day we heard that our loving pregnant daughter was thrown
    Off by her in-laws from a dashing car in the mid town
    Suffered multiple fractures and hospitalized and down
    With coma, paralyzed and most of her organs drown

    With no one attending to her, either in-laws or husband
    We rushed to her, attended and brought her back to our land
    She recovered a bit, at times feebly smiling at those who stand
    Around her, unable to move or shake with them her hand

    She delivered safe her little cute daughter, the only solace
    But she could not hold the infant, feed or embrace
    She is our everything and was once shining with grace
    Which this marriage, did totally erase

    We do believe that marriages are made in heaven
    But some can drive you to hell read more »

  • 242.
    A Group Of Bubbles

    crossing the zebra crossing
    a group of bubbles
    following my daughter read more »

  • 243.
    as the saying goes

    read more »

  • 244.
    I Am Not Sorry No She Said

    I am not sorry no she said
    That my ex son in law is dead
    He gave to my daughter a hard life
    And she to him was a good wife. read more »

  • 245.
    The Fanatic's Daughter Want I To Marry (II)

    The fanatic's daughter want I to marry
    And she will be my beloved wife,
    I mean the fanatic's conservative daughter,
    The family may be conservative, read more »

  • 246.
    The Daughter Of The Earth - 40

    The daughter of the earth
    is the earth.Let us keep
    this earth pure and free
    from all pollution. read more »

  • 247.
    The Saga of The Dark Daughter

    Dark Daughter, Dark The World, Dark You
    Dark daughter,
    Dark the world,
    Dark the story of Creation, read more »

  • 248.
    the rain and my new born baby daughter

    The rain was uninhibitedly untamed; and so was my new born baby
    kicking left; right and center; in her diminutively blessed cradle,
    The rain was Omnipotently pristine; and so was my new born baby read more »

  • 249.
    Making a Memory

    Languishing prostrate
    Sultry sun melding our senses
    We lay, and we talked
    My daughter and I read more »

  • 250.
    Save Ther Poor Daughter of India

    Save the daughter,
    The poor daughter of India,
    The UNESCO's poor girl child, read more »

  • 251.
    Honour Killing (Arabic & Conservative)

    Just for her love and innocence
    And the acceptance of it,
    You are killing her,
    Punishing her so hard, read more »

  • 252.
    A Fourtunate Father With His New Daughter, -Dedicated To Joyce Loba Flores. by Ray Subrata

    </>The unquenched thirst,
    Of Father, for daughter’s love,
    Fountains with a call, -Baba,
    From a voice of distant land, read more »

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