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Poems About: DAUGHTER

In this page, poems on / about “daughter” are listed.

  • 241.

    God created daughter,
    With special love and care.
    She is a precious treasure,
    Ushers in our life luck and flair. read more »

    Dr. Yogesh Sharma
  • 242.
    A Daughter's Lament

    If The Lord doesn’t laugh
    The poem doesn’t fly
    By the seat of the pants
    A graceful journey by faith read more »

    Lee B. Mack
  • 243.
    The Support Group

    Every second Tuesday sun or rain
    We all gather together to share our pain
    Grieving for our children who have died
    And letting out all the pain inside read more »

    Harry J. Couchon Jr
  • 244.
    Mere assumption

    My name is Gajanan Mishra
    I have a house at Titilagarh
    Tapaswini Is my wife
    My sons are Chandan and Suman read more »

    gajanan mishra
  • 245.
    How Much

    When I see
    How much
    I love my
    Daughter, read more »

    Aparna Chatterjee
  • 246.
    My Daughter

    There are daughters that great
    And those that are good
    I happen to have the best
    I can't really comment on all the rest read more »

    penny green
  • 247.

    Hello my daughter
    You have grown so fast
    And you will always be daddy's girl
    Yes I know still living at home for now read more »

    Aldo Kraas
  • 248.
    % I WAS TOLD

    for Clara, my daughter, my heart, my song

    She didn't invite me, read more »

    Laa Finita
  • 249.
    There Are Answered Prayers

    There are answered prayers-
    I prayed for so many years read more »

    Shalom Freedman
  • 250.
    mother and daughter

    read more »

    sheilisa brown
  • 251.
    A Father's Love

    The love that I see in your father’s eyes
    The smile on his face as he talks with you
    How the sound of your voice lights up his life
    Every time he is on the phone with you read more »

    Tia Maria
  • 252.

    A princess from Java
    A daughter of Regent of Jepara
    A wife of Regent of Rembang
    A first modern Indonesian writer read more »

    Ahmad Shiddiqi
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