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Poems About: DAUGHTER

In this page, poems on / about “daughter” are listed.

  • 301.
    Forever Sixteen

    Oh how life can be so mean
    Death took you my daughter, at sweet sixteen
    Never to.fulfill your heart's desires
    My tears could quench raging fires read more »

    Harry J. Couchon Jr
  • 302.

    Mother! don`t kill me,
    Before giving me birth,
    In its place, read more »

    dr. ram sharma
  • 303.
    Like A Mother

    Like a mother
    My little daughter
    Receives me on the door
    And when I am leaving read more »

    Sadiqullah Khan
  • 304.
    Ebba and Evelyn

    88 year old woman
    in a wheelchair
    ebba by name
    made simple meals read more »

    Harlan Simantel
  • 305.
    Daughter of the Night

    My body’s very heavy, lethargy
    My eyelid’s very heavy, fluttering
    My hand’s very heavy, twitching
    My breathing’s very heavy, ragged read more »

    Anand Dixit
  • 306.
    Sex has no age

    A man can fall for a woman,
    Young enough to be
    His daughter or grand daughter.
    A woman can fall for a man, read more »

    Rm.Shanmugam Chettiar.
  • 307.

    Love expressed in stones
    Of assorted colors
    The sea-green jade
    The blue chevron beads read more »

    Cheryl L. DaytecYañgot
  • 308.
    Old Mother Hubbard

    Old Mother Hubbard
    Went to the windmill
    To see her daughter, Nancy.
    When she got there, read more »

    Terry Donovan
  • 309.
    The Moonlight in Early Morning

    I saw the moon in early morning
    At five o’clock
    Parikesit and Dananjaya
    Are riding cycle read more »

    Prasetya Utama
  • 310.
    Shed A Tear For Dad

    From Child to Adult
    We never got along as family
    You loved me, You hated me
    But i was always your daughter read more »

    Apryll Noel Spinelli
  • 311.
    Who That Soldier Is

    Thats somebody's little boy out there
    Getting shot at on the field
    Thats somebody's baby
    In more pain than anyone should feel read more »

    Tatianna Rei Moonshadow
  • 312.
    My Daughters

    Through the forests, down by the ponds
    I sit upon a rock, in the early dawn
    Reflection of images, upon the waters
    Bring back fond memories, of my daughters read more »

    Betty Halverson
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